Starting BFL on 03/26/2012 :). Woooohooooo!!!!

  • I'm also still here, or I should say I'm back. Took a sudden unplanned vacation, and you know how that goes!!! Got back last Wednesday evening, and well, there's "no point starting back in the middle of a week, being busy and all!!!" Ouch. Today is first day back, looking forward to feeling better again while eating good foods instead of all the restaurant (cheating) foods.  Glad to see some are still on the forum, and still trying. Even though 2 weeks of my book are now empty, I still want to get back to it and contiue. I feel so much worse when not following it......bloated, tired, guilty, etc.

    I hope there are more of you out there still reading this forum, and continuing.  Jump back onto the forum and let us know how you're doing.

  • Hi All1 I am still in... The food part has been the worst for me. Life has way too many excuses. I work out everyday but again I need to fix my diet. My husband is ALWAYS wanting to "play". Restaurants are full of awful foods but at least I am still trying. I have not seen too much change but I have noticed that I am stronger! My body is not as flabby. Weight loss.. well.. at least my clothes are fitting a bit different... in a good way!! Good news is that I WILL NOT give up!! This is my body for life...Have a great week!!!

  • I see I'm not the only left, wow, that's great. I was afraid when I came back this week it would be all done. Yes, the diet is really the tough part. My workout's are dead on, starting to see progress, finally. But I have slipped a little for a couple days this week on my eating plan, had a friend fly in this weekend, makes it tough to stay on the eating plan. Tomorrow starts the 8th week, 5 more weeks to go, I will wake up as if a drill sergeant just kicked me out of bed and starting hollering at me to get my ass in gear and get going. We are entering the final phase as I see it and we have to get screaming tough.

    Good luck too all those left ...


  • Was reviewing last night, and thought, as per suggestion in my planner, that I look back and see my advances. Boo Hoo. I noticed that even though I feel so much stronger when I am doing everyday things like carrying groceries or washing my car, that I am not actually lifting anything more noticeable in the weights! Ouch. Will be trying to increase starting today, even though I was still feeling like end of my strength on my last lift for each set.  Trying not to feel too down, since I am very overweight and was very unconditioned at start anyway. So glad to hear some of you are still trying, and makes me think I can keep going even though not much noticeable improvement in my weight or the gym weights. But I do think there's an improvement in me overall, and I don' t have that bloated feeling except when I cheat or eat really wrong on my off-day. Keep up the efforts, and the communications.

  • Started the 9th week, just 3 more weeks to go. I feel a lot more improvement then I can actually see. Actually it's a little discouraging, almost dropped today's workout. But was able to turn it around and just do it! Not the best workout but it got done.  Hoping that the last 3 weeks start to show improvements. Got to stay focused and motivated. I'm going to make it to the end, but just don't know if it's going to be enough. haven't missed a workout, but the diet has been to most challenging for me this time around.

    It's time to turn up everything!!!