Starting 2nd April 2012

  • Wow Rodie, that's great results!  I am impressed and motivated by reading your post.  

    I have no seen the results you have and haven't lost any pounds since week 3 but it's my fault.  I've lost sight of the plan this last week, and even the previouse weeks, things weren't perfect.  Food has been more of a challenge this time around.  I haven't missed a workout, although I went hiking for an hour over the weekend instead of doing cardio at the gym, there where some hills (not mountains like we're used to out west) so we did get some high points in our climbs, but not quite 10's  maybe more 8 and 9.  Anyway, I am not giving up and that's the biggest accomplishment.  I am going to post daily this week, like you said Rodie, it helps keep us on track.  Sorry if I over do it with the post but I need to do something to get going back to some results.  

    Rodie, what do you eat through out the day.  I wonder if I am eating too much.  Would you mind giving me an example of day for you.



  • 1st meal,    1 scoop lean protein shake

    2nd meal  2 scoops lean protein shake

    3rd meal, 3/4 cup of cooked brown rice with 3/4 cup mixed vegies, and small piece of fish

    4th meal, 3/4 cup of cooked brown rice with 3/4 cup mixed vegies and chicken breast

    5th meal fruit (normally watermelon as it contains alot of water) and turkey breast sandwich with salad

    6th meal 1 scoop of protein shake

    You are already a winner Luis as you havent quit



  • Thanks Rodie....I appreciate the menu sample. I think I might have been taking in too much calories as well.  I have been drinking the Myoplex Original shakes 3 times a day, 42 grams of protein but also pack 300 calories each.  So that's 900 calories a day from shakes alone, on a rare occasion I will eat a bar instead, the new ones, (Myoplex 30) but they have 30 grams of protein and 350 calories!  Looks like you have been doing the lite shakes instead of the Original and they are considerably a lot less calories, almost half, but half the protein as well.   I like the Original shakes, the way they taste and they are 17 oz so more filling.  I am 260 lbs, so over 60 lbs heavier then you.  I don't ever see myself getting to under 200 lbs, I just have a thicker build so I am ok with that.   I am going to try to stick to the Original shakes since it is good quality protein and maybe next week switch to the Lite shakes and log how I am feeling as well since energy level is were I could see the most differences.

    I had a great UBWO this morning, I increased biceps, triceps and shoulders by 10lbs and chest and back by 20lbs.  So I feel that I pushed it hard today and feel good about it over all.  Going to make an egg sandwich before headed to work. Good luck everyone, lets make it an great BODY FOR LIFE week!!!

    Thanks again


  • hello friends, i've had a good day so far, had a great run this morning, ran hard and hit that high point.  Food has been good and will be doing a light dinner later today.  Feeling good, drinking lots of water too.  Hope everyone is on track.


  • yeah i had a good cardio as well, shoulders still a little sore from monday, but ice can do wonders lol,


  • First week of business travel since starting .. going pretty good..considering that my entire routine is off!!  I had great cardio this morning and food has been easy since I had a plan to come up here!!  Planning is definitely a key!  Monday UBWO I did my Ultimate Tae Bo Boot camp power DVD with thefitness bands... It was great since it focuses a lot on upper body!!  Was not as intense a wo as the gym with weights would have been but felt pretty wiped out after it so all in all it was good.  Have one that has a lot of legs to do tomorrow am... so it is going well but am very anxious to get home Thurs PM and be able to be back to my normal routine on Friday!  

    Hang tough friends.. we are over 1/2 way there! Whoo Hoo!!  :)

  • well this past week was hectic, missed 2 workouts, and had 2 days where i didnt eat clean, wife walked out this week (but life must go on) doesnt matter how many curve balls come at you in life, its no excuse to quit, so im going to soldier on this week eat clean and not miss a workout

    GOD BLESS yall

  • Last week started out really good.....felt very positve and motivated to work hard and stay on plan with food.  And although I was able to get in 4 out of the 6 workouts (missed one cardio and LWBO) and we went to the beach and enjoyed some amazingly fresh seafood and beers, I feeling very good and not giving up.  

    Hey Rodie....sorry you had a bad week, your right, life must go on.  You are does throw us a lot of curve balls and we must go on.  It would be very easy to give up and use the events of your last week as an excuse to quit, the winners are those that find a way to keep going.  This BFL Challenge might be a good place to focus some energy while your dealing with other person issues.  Good luck to you friend.


  • Can hardly believe it is week 8 already!  When we started this road it seemed so far away.. but it has really gone fast!  Doing very well overall... have not missed a workout.. although last week with the business travel it was a couple days of different types of workout but I made it work!  I was really worried about that so pretty happy!  Doing much better getting all the meals in most days.. not all days but most of them, so I'll take it!  Feeling it in my cloths and starting to see it in the mirror.. will be taking new measurements on Sunday...   Hope everyone is still hanging in and doing well.

    Rodie, sorry for your troubles... but glad you are taking the life must go on attitude and staying with it... I think working out is a great stress reliever and though I know it can't fix your problems, hopefully it helps you get some of the stress out and focus on what is important to you now.  Best of luck to you!

    Have a blessed day everyone!!

  • well into week 9 and im down to 194lbs started at 225.4lbs im really happy with what ive achieved thus far but im not sure i can attain my goals by the end of this challenge, may have to do a second challenge after this one, wanted to take photos to show progress but since my wife left i feel alittle funny about asking anyone to take my photo with my shirt off, i do apprecaite the encouragement i have received on here, and im sorry to see that it appears that the majority  of those that started may have quit, but i understand that its normal, for those still at it, you are winners already and i admire your committement and dedication, just a few more weeks and we can say we done what most people who start dont do and thats finish


  • WAY TO GO RODIE.  I am entering week 8 tommorrow and I am still hanging in there making postive gains in muscle while losing more bodyfat as well . (almost ready to go down a costume size at work next week).   Hang in there everyone and imagine how much more you'll enjoy the beach, pool or family outing this summer if you continue and finish with style and resolve!!

  • Week 10!!  Pretty quiet here on this thread.. hope some of you are just like me, still going strong but just busy and not stopping to take a few mins to post... I'm going to try to do better about that!  I am still doing really well on the program but have been having to really fight some disappointment that I have yet to experience the "8 (or 9 or...) week miracle"  Now, I know it happens because when I did this challenge 10 years ago I did experience it at about week 8... I have just been reminding myself that I am 10 years older now and so it may take a couple extra weeks... I am definitely feeling it.. getting stronger and my muscles are getting harder so I know it is working!  This frustration is another reason I need to make myself come on here daily to get encouragement from others.  

    Had a great cardio/ab workout this morning.  I have to give a shout out to Kelly Clarkson... I was feeling very tired and was almost ready to take the treadmill down a couple notches when her song Stronger came on my Ipod.. was just what I needed to hear to keep on pushing and reminding myself I am stronger!!!  Whoo Hoo!!  lol

    Hope you all have a great day!

  • 2 weeks to go, congrats to all that have stayed thus far, im happy with my results thus far, im certain now a 2nd challenge will be on the cards, its been a tough ride, but you know it took alot of work to get out of shape, so its going to take alot to get back in shape, i really had high hopes of getting my results i wanted in 1 challenge im disappointed thats unlikely to happen now, but ive been consistent and my life is no longer the same, so there is victory there and in the end im alive again,

    looking forward to staying strong and focussed these last 2 weeks