Female and Over 50 looking for a partner or group

  • Hello TryingAgain,  I am 54 and I will be starting my C3(third) BFL Challenge on 9th APril soon. I am willing to help with any advice and info I can and I will be trying to get my weight into the low 200lb range this time around(maybe even below 200 if I can accomplish that this time around). My schedule, though not as hectic, is from 6am to 230pm daily so my workouts for the most part have to be done in the late afternoon, still it has proven still successful for the last two challenges(you are welcome to visit my profile for the last challenge results I had). If you would like to be a friend of mine on BFL I would be honored as well. Hang in there, I believe you can do this I you really want to succeed. Keep Moving Forward....WPBILL

  • killarney: my kids are grown too and are moved out and married so I don't have to make sure I have something they like. They were soooo picky. My day did not start off as well as I had hoped. I have Restless Leg Syndrome and even though I take med for it sometimes it's just not enough. I was awake till about 1am with jumping legs, grrr. I did manage to get in 20 minutes of exercise before going to work and I think I have done well eating so far. Last night I ate supper at  my daughter's home, she had made a fresh strawberry cake and my son made and brought fried choc pies. So glad I waited till AFTER Easter lol.

    ENJOY the process!!! Know that this takes time, Just be committed to doing your best EACH DAY