Please look at my menu

  • I will be starting monday even thou my book won't be here till wednesday or thursday.  I will be 46 in July, I am 4 9 1/2 (very short) Gained about 20 pounds 4 years ago after going thru a severe deep depression, had a eating/exercise disorder for many years.  I went on southbeach and lost the weight but this is when the eating/exercise disorder kicked in, so many compliments led to "just 5 more pounds and I will be happy" well I got down to 78.  Fast forward to today, lots of therapy anti depressant meds and my head is right again but the body needs some work.  Exercise I am 100% disciplined but the diet is really bad.    I am a creature of habit so eating the same 6 meals for several weeks at a time would work best for me. 

    How does this sound:

    Meal #1  egg white omelet with salsa, Meal #2 RTD Myloplex Lite, Meal #3 1 chicken ***, 2 la tortilla whole wheat  with a cup of spinach, Meal #4 RTD Myloplex Lite, Meal #5 1 cup raspberries with fiber one yogurt, Meal #6 1 - 2 cups broccoli, 5oz pork tenerloin

    Please critique my menu, would love input on menu planning until my book gets here

  • Meal 1:  Need a carb- - Oatmeal?  Meal 5:  Need a protein and you are going to be overkill on the carbs - rework it completely. Since you have yogurt, maybe mix yogurt with cottage cheese.  Meal 6:  Need a carb - Potato? Brown Rice?

  • Also, Greek yogurt is loaded with protein. 10-12g of protein per serving depending on which brand you get. So if you mix 1/2 cup of greek yogurt with 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese, toss in some berries and spoon of Splenda, there's your high protien meal with carbs to boot!

  • Make sure you get a protein and carb in every meal.  Print off the food list and carry it with you!

  • How many eggs are you using in your omlet? I think the limit per serving is 4 whites with a yolk.  A nice carb to go with it might be a whole wheat english muffin or some fruit?

    Double check your myoplex lites to make sure they have the proper amounts of both protein AND carbs- Depending on what you have, you may need a carb to go with it.

    Last meal- I have been warned on pork- might you try a less fattier meat? NY choice top round? turkey? fish?

    Don't forget your vitamins and drink LOTS of water!!!

    Good luck!

    Stacy Lynn

  • a couple of question

    1. I do 40z of blueberry greek yogurt with 1/2c fiber one cc(which is really good) anyway that give me exactly 20g protein, 20 carbs, my question is I bought choc greek yogurt, if I pair this week fber one cc, it throws off the bablanc a little its 20 grams of protein 25g of carb, is that okay if it is off alittle

    2. today I had a protein drink from the gym it contains 23gra, of protein and 20 carbs, today I had hime give me extra protein which will boost it to about 46g. is that to much protein for one meal. I am border line hypoglycemic and i have noticed even if I eat every 3 hours, i can feel my sugar dropping before the 3 hour time. but i increase my protien I can hold off  until the 3 hour mark sometime i can eat at the 2 hour mark.

    3. today was suppos eto be my cheat day, becasue we are going to a ccok out to someones house I have nevermet. well last night (after eating great all day) i gave into temptation and had soem unarthoze food, namely cookies and few marshmellows anyway, i decided that would be my cheat day. so now I need to go to this cookout. I just found out she is making chicken parmasean. what do i do. I am brinking a veggie tray, but i can't refuse to eat what she is making special, we have never met. what is your advice.

    thanks for you input


  • oh yea one more question. I use liquid egg whites. the carton reads wierd. instead in cups, it used tbsp. so 3tbsp has 5grams protein. I usually use about 2/3c. I am just not sure how much protein that is. is anyone good at math?