Starting on 3/19/12-Anyone want to join?

  • Hi Kelly!  I'm checking in again, too.  I did my first lower body workout yesterday and I'm sore today but feel good that I accomplished it.  I had so much fun skating on Wednesday that I'm going to make it my regular Wednesday cardio exercise.  We have a family Disney World trip planned for next Thursday/Friday so I'm not going to do a free day this week.  They do have places to eat healthy there but they are few and far between.  We live two hours south of Disney World so I can eat on plan for breakfast, snack, and pack my lunch and another snack, and for dinner I can get something healthy, and then the next day can be my free day.  We're going to be walking for about five hours each day, and I'm always sore after we go there, so that will be my exercise for those two days and then I'll do some weight training when we get back.  How is everyone doing?  Anyone having struggles, successes, overcoming obstacles?  It was hard for me to go alone to the skating rink and get out there and almost fall on my face several times, but I felt so good after I was done that I had really gone through with it.

  • If you're up for it, you should by the BFL cookbook - I think it's called Eating for Life.  I bought it years ago when i did the challenge for the first time, and the recipies are so good!  

  • I'm in!  I started this Monday.  (shamefully, i actually started in february - I have been doing the exercises perfectly, but I have not been following the BFL eating plan and the scale hasn't budged and the jeans are just as tight - so on with exercising and EATING RIght!)  good luck to all of us!

  • Hey Kelly!  My name is also Kellie, and I ALSO completed the challenge a decade ago with the most excellent results.  I have also fallen into bad habits and gained 30 lbs - (5'8" 145  45 yrs old)  So, we both KNOW this works and the workouts and food are great - so what's stopping us!!!!!!!

  • I would love to have an accountability partner, if anyone wants to buddy up with me through email.  I really would like a day-to-day check-in system, reporting exercise, food, any struggles, triumphs, etc. so we can help each other stay on track, keep each other motivated, and say "way to go!," just a quick e-mail each day reminding ourselves that we're in for the 12 week challenge no matter what.  

    My email is Thanks!


  • Everyone ready for the new week? What are your favorite grab n go snacks?

  • If I have to grab n go - I usually get the Myoplex bars (^_^)

  • Sorry everyone I haven't been on to check this forum. Welcome and thank you for everyone that is joining!!  By baby has been keeping me on my toes! How is everyones workouts going?

  • I am doing really good with workouts, but food has been a real struggle.  I am a stay at home mom to a 1 year old and a 3 year old, and I don't get time to really sit down and enjoy a meal or a snack because I'm constantly chasing them around or preparing food for their meals and snacks.  Because I eat everything so quickly, I still feel hungry and unsatisfied.  I really like the BFL food and recipes, but I just want more.  I am still breastfeeding, too, so that also makes me hungry.  I am keeping my calories at 1800 a day while I'm weaning my son over the next few weeks.  I have promised myself that I will not get on the scale until this 12 weeks is over, because I get frustrated when I don't see progress.  I'm just going to keep going and keep thinking positively, keep working out, and hope that my hunger will be satisfied by drinking a lot of water or something.  I really need help with this hunger thing.  It's tough!

    How old is your baby?  Are you breastfeeding, too?