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  • I ordered the original book today but delivery estimate is next wednesday or thursday and would like to start this program monday.  I have read everything I can get my hands on about the six meals but for some reason I'm still confused.  I guess I'm so use to eating the southbeach way that this portion thing has me confused.  I have all my shakes but I need to get food for the other four meals.  I understand about size of palm or size of closed fist but I wish it was more clearer like measureing of 1/2 a cup or say a cup.  I've read the sample meal plans but I'm one of these people that need exact outline for a program.  Example:  1 chicken ***, 1/2 cup green beans, 1/2 cup brown rice, etc..... If someone could just give me a basic days eating that I could use until my book gets here that would help so much.  If not I will just wait till my book gets here

  • LandHippo - like you when I started I had a very analytical mind and needed to know just how much...etc etc.

    But then as I kept going I started to learn more about the natural order of things.   You see it's going to be different for everyone because some people's fists are bigger and smaller than others, just in the same way as your stomach is bigger/smaller than someone else's.

    When I started I said...no way...that's it?  That's all I get to eat?  So I used the concept Big First and Big Palm....now in my 7th week, I am saying...what gotta eat again?  So soon?  Now I use Small Fist Small palm.

    IF you still need a more "clearer" measuring stick then do this.....(I think it's in the book, can't remember the page number)  Fill up a medium sized pot with water and place it over a decent sized pan.  Put your closed fist wrist deep in the water until it over flows in the pan.  Pour that water into a measuring cup and there you have it, you're portion size.  

    I only measure protiens and carbs and use vegetables to round out the plate so that it looks asthetically pleasing.

    If you need a sample of a daily meal, look at a thread title'd  "Starting Tomorrow - a critique of my plan please"  There you will find Sixpackmission's daily sample of what he is doing.

    Hope this helps and Congrats on your decision to start!

    ~Marqui D.  C1W7D46

  • Hey there! (change your name to landgazelle! hehe)

    Have a look at the thread "Newbies - Quick checklist" - that has some tips and info on the bottom about using the number of "grams" on labels for proteins like cottage cheese etc when it's too hard to use your fist.

    You will work it out, it takes time (even with the book), as long as you keep yourself to the fist palm or 20-25grams of protein and carbs per meal, (female) you will be fine - 35-40 grams of protein for guys a bit less for carbs.

    All the best



  • I read somewhere from another BFLer that if you want a measurement of your carb, the way to do it is to fill up a measuring cup with water, fist up, and stick your fist in the measuring cup.  The amount of water that spills out of the  cup is the size of your carb serving in a measurable quantity.  I've lived by this method.