Week 6

  • So tomorrow will be the end of week 6 for my wife and I. We have been 99.999% clean eating the entire 6 weeks. I have managed to make each and every workout, my wife missed only 2 workouts in the 6 weeks. I am still a bit intimated by my free day. I am really afraid to be “free”, so I am kind of cautious.
    As far as progress. Well I was way too scared to keep the before pictures, I deleted them off the camera. They never made it to the computer. I did not do the measurements, I don’t know if I honestly did not expect to make it this far or if I did not think this would change me in any way. Well on the scale I have lost 16 pounds so far. I have moved my belt in 2 holes and had to create a new hole Monday and noticed I could make another 1 inch in from the hole I made Monday. I am noticing incredible muscle definition in my arms, shoulders, and legs. My stomach is getting flatter and I am so very happy with my progress I can’t wait for my next day’s challenge.
    My wife continues to stick right by my side powering past diabetic issues and quite a demanding job that makes it difficult to drink the water like I can. She is down about 10 pounds so far and also can notice some body changes going on. All and all I am so very pleased with the Body For Life challenge and I know this is the beginning of a new lifestyle for myself and family.
    Thank you all for your support, advice, and most importantly the opportunity for me to learn! Looking forward to the changes the next 6 weeks bring!
  • Great!  Keep at it, you two!  I'm just starting and I love to read inspiring stories such as yours.

  • Oh darn!!!!  I wish you would have hung on to those pictures; they truly allow you to see what you can't see in the mirror.  But, based on everything you are saying, this program is definately a good fit for you and your wife.  Imagine how great you will both feel when you cross that 12-week finish line together.  Having eachother's support probably helps a great deal.  Congratulations to you both.  Keep pushing as hard as you can; the best is yet to come!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • WOW!! That is an amazing report. Your commitment is outstanding. You have encouraged me! All the best to you both on your fitness journey.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Andy, congrats to you two on your progress and dedication!

    I have the same thoughts about my initial pictures... I just hope you started taking pics after or even start now.  You will see so many changes even in the next six weeks that the pictures will continue to show you and be a motivator, so make sure to start if you haven't!