Day 1 - April 26th 2010

  • Here we go! Let's go, Let's go L-E-T-S-G-O, Let's go!!!! Haha! Don't mind me just being silly.

    My name is Jacque middle name Dee, Jacque Dee-- that's me!

    I'm 26 years old, 5 foot 8 inches, previously a very active person, currently a very lazyish person. Sad thing, I know. But, that's why I am here! I need a change. Gosh since age 6 I was always involved in sports and numerous activities to keep me busy and physically fit. I couldn't gain a pound if I tried. But, now my metabolism is NOT what it used to be (I think that means I'm getting old) as well as I am NOT active like I used to be (I think that's why I'm getting much larger). Man, oh man, I am truly at my heaviest weight ever. It sickens me. I hate looking in the mirror. I struggle to put energy into the way I dress, do my hair or apply my make-up. I feel like its a waste.

    I'm blessed to be newly married and have a husband who truly loves me for me, not how I dress, do my hair or how much/less make-up I have. I'm doing this for me! I need to feel presentable again. I want to feel excited to go out again. I miss the self-confidence that once flourished within me. So here I am!!

    Ladies and Gents, I'm starting my personal 12 week challenge this Monday!!! I'm cleaning out the pantry and fridge. Stocking up on good thing. Clearing out my schedule for some needed gym time. No more coach potato-ing it up when I get home from work. It's dinner and gym time first. I can make time for it. If I do a short gym trip every day, it's not as daunting as the long one/two time a week trip.....or more realistically how it's been ZERO!

    So Monday-Monday-Monday!!!!!! New menu, new work out, new MEEEEE!!

    I'm telling my husband, co-workers and close friends - they're pretty good for accountability. And, I'm telling you!! I hope to make it on here daily, but if not at least a weekly update!

    So, I will see you Monday, I will have pictures that I will be shameful to publicise. But, it is proof I need a new me.


    <3 Jacque Dee

  • We're glad to have you here!

    I think you started today! Your mindset is certainly evident!

    I can't wait to see you progress and change!

    This is definitely the place to be! Toss up questions/ concerns/ thoughts and respond to others- a wonderful motivator for those times (and there WILL be times) when you feel like tearing your hair out!

    Best of luck to you!

    We are here for ya!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Jacque Dee-

    I LOVE your enthusiasm! Were you a cheerleader in school by chance?? :)

    I too got sick and tired of the way I felt about me, pretty much every aspect of me...I knew BFL worked cause I did a successful challenge back in '01, maintained til child #3 came along, then downhill from there. So I decided during Christmas break I was going to start another challenge (for the upteenth time!). Did everything by the book, didn't miss a workout, might have missed a meal, but I ate BFL all the way and at the end of my challenge(and 2 wks AR), -25# & -20 inches.  I'm 5'9 and 42 so you are so not old!!!

    So Welcome to the Challenge and like Stacy said, come back and ask questions because WE are here to help! This community is Awesome!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Debbie - No i was never a cheerleader, just have way too much energy sometimes.

    Thanks to both of you for the encouragement, confirmation as well as the outstretched hand when the time comes for me to grasp on. Thanks so much!

    <3 Jacque Dee

  • Jacque Dee Congrats are your revelation and your positive energy!!

    As Deb Mo said you're not old I'm 5'6 and 37, (Deb  You Rock and keep me inspired!)  but I believe the thing that makes any of us feel old is the disgusting ways we start to feel about ourselves.  When you reach the "highest point" of weight gain, I believe that's when something inside you kicks in and says...are you kidding me? this what life is about? way!...that's when you change.

    So mentally prep yourself and use this coming Sunday as your free day, prep all your materials.  I mentally started this challenge on 3/4/2010 read the BFL book in it's entirety in one sitting and then said, " that's it.  I'm starting, and completing my challenge no matter what!... So that Monday 3/8 I started.

    Wow...I'm on C1W7D46  and just finished my 3 o'clock meal.  Wow a Myoplex Cookies & Cream Bar with a small kiwi goes great together!

    So go for it!   Welcome to this site, and thanks for the honesty.  That's one thing I've learned, people are being honest and real about themselves, I am starting to grow and be accountable for all my actions.

    ~Marqui D.

  • Jacque-Dee

    Get your husband to do it with you. When I finally get started I hope my wife will follow!

  • i start tomorrow as well

    man just reading your post got me even more pumped