Starting Monday March 5th

  • Hi everyone! Day 4 is almost over and I have to say that I feel great! I'm incredibly sore but it feels good. I did my first bfl challenge in 2007 but never really participated in the forum because I had a great group of friends doing it with me that I could support in person.  I know that i can greatly benefit from all of your support and I want to do the same for you! May 29th is the last day of our challenge and it's creeping up quickly and I want all of us to cross that finish line together. There are so many great posts on this thread! Let's keep this great momentum going. Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow, can't wait to hear about it!

  • Thank you Kcatto!! :)

    What do you all think I should do? I've eaten great since Monday...March 5th. Due to being sick and having sick kids at home I have not been able to workout at all this week. I have dropped 4 lbs. just from eating good, but do you guys think that I should make my start date for this coming Monday instead? Or do you think I should just stick with my original start date and deal with 1 week of workouts not done?

    ~Mommy of 4...getting her body back!~
  • I am startinf on the 12th of March, working on getting everything set (food, gym, etc)  I do have a question for anyone, what product should I get from BFL.  Shakes. bars???

    I am a male at 185lbs lookinf to get rid of the fat and increase my overall fitness, any suggustions?

  • The book says just pick up at the next meal or workout.  If you do decide to start Monday Let me know, we could help each other get through it.

    Do you plan on using the snack bars or shakes?  I am not sure which ones to get

  • Hi Everyone!

    I completed 2 BFL challenges while I was in my 20's. I'm 35 now and things have slipped over the last year or two. I attempted to start back in July 2011 but some family issues hindered my dedication. I started March 5th 2012 and have had a GREAT week. I have read all your posts and am excited to complete this with all of you! Keep up all the hard work. Hit those 10's!!!


  • I hope everyone had a great weekend. March madness is a tough time to be dieting. I took full advantage of my free day yesterday! Back in the gym this morning. Sure was hard with the DST change... My muscles are sore. I'm on cardio today. I told myself ITS ONLY 20 minutes. I got through it.

    Is everyone hanging in there? Week 2, let's do it!

  • Yes, beginning week 2.  Free day was yesterday - didn't go overboard.  But seemed harder to wake up this morning.  Did upper body...muscles are quivering...I'm determined to do this. Have a great week everyone!