Starting (again) Monday February 27!

  • Hey everyone! Trying to take it easy and stay cool here in CO. It's been 100+ almost every day for the past 2 weeks, and it's supposed to continue into next week at least! I knew something was up when we received our last snow in February... I told my husband "Just you watch, this summer is going to be brutal" and so far I have unfortunately been very correct. It is tough, especially since our house gets full sun exposure all day and the motor in our air conditioner went out last year. Aaahhh! I have a little window unit in my study and our bedroom is in the basement, but still. Whew. Can't cook, can't get anything done upstairs. It sucks.

    I have been super half-@$$ed the past several weeks. I have done the 5-25 cardio once or twice a week, and done a total of two weight workouts since the end of the Challenge. It just hasn't felt like the right time... maybe it's the weather, or stress of my sis-in-law moving in and treating her time with us like she is still living with her parents (eating all the food, not contributing financially or with other stuff like cleaning up, etc). The stress is really getting to me lately but she doesn't have enough money to move out, and when it's family like this we can't just turn her out. So that has been a major strain personally. I am also working two, and possibly soon to be 3 or 4, jobs, and starting school again in September to get my AAS in Microsoft Web Development. T, what are you going to Grad School for?

    I've actually been sort of a "lead by example" personal trainer to a lot of friends lately. I've gotten one friend on the 5-25 plan and she said she's never known intensity like this, and admitted that she realizes now that prior to this, she was working out but definitely not working hard. Unfortunately I have not found anyone local to do the program with me, which is a bummer. I would really like to find that but everyone flakes out. I've tried craigslist, coercing a friend or my husband... nothing has worked so far. Bah!

    I totally dropped the ball on posting "after" photos but even in this extended non-gym-attendance period I've lost another 1/2" off my wearing waist and am down from a size 10/12 to a 6/8, and dropped another couple pounds so thus far I've gone from 161 in Feb to 150. It's awesome. One of my jobs is in Denver so starting next week I'll be meeting a girlfriend down there for a 10-mile run every Thursday after work. I'm really excited for that. In the meantime I keep saying "Okay, THIS is the week I get it together and work hard!" and it never happens. Regardless, I am eating pretty well (grilled wild-caught salmon and broccoli last night and we are making grilled pork spring rolls tonight.... mmmmm....!) so that is helping compensate at least.

    Tonja, that story about your brother is amazing! I think if you have time, cooking from scratch is pretty easy. We do it for every meal at my house. I honestly haven't been out to eat in about 2 weeks; everything gets made from scratch (well we do buy bread from the store, but you know what I mean). It makes a HUGE difference. My sister-in-law commented how she has lost about 10 pounds since moving to CO six weeks ago, largely because we don't keep a lot of sugar and processed food in the house. If you decide to go in that direction, I would recommend getting the seasonal meal plan off the Clean Eating Mag website. They have something like 2 or 3 weeks' worth of seasonal meal plans, plus a shopping list. It has given me some great ideas.

    Glad to hear everyone is still rockin' and rollin'!


  • Good morning you guys!

    I need to work on my nutrition side when everything is BUSY.  Geez, seems like time is flying and my eating habits go to the pits when this happens.  I did try something over the weekend which I will do more often...baked potatoes in the crockpot (4 hours on high) and salad.  Of course, I ate them not too healthy, but they didn't warm up the kitchen and where filling.  

    Have a great week all!  I did get up & do LBWO this morning and it felt GREAT!

    Morgan, sorry about the HEAT - we get it today 100 degrees.  Send you 5-25 workout if you have it - I want to see it!  I am still following the same - it is hard to switch up when you barely making time to work out or put it on your profile.  Thanks!  I love your hair too!  I stuck with just carmel highlights & a trim this weekend.

  • Catty,

    Is the Feast/Fast thingy something your online trainer came up with? I would never be able to do that. I'm no professional but that doesn't sound good. If anything, that sounds like you are destroying your metabolism rather than resetting it. On top of that, there's kind of psychological thing going on where you are almost punishing yourself for indulging a little. I would be starving by 10 am the next day.LOL

    I'm getting my Masters in Information Systems. My undergrad is in Accounting so this will be all new for me. I am taking a pre-requisite beginner programming class now and it is kicking my butt. It's really fun and interesting but when it comes to coding the program, I get a little confused. And I'm working full time. Actually, I work for a college and they are paying for everything so it's great. Heck, I may get another degree after this, just because. LOL

    100 degrees!!! Wow, and I thought 90 degrees was hot. When you add the humidity it's unbearable. :-(

  • Hey mw!!!

    Ok, everyone is doing this 5-25 plan so I may have to hop on board. 100+ degrees!! That's crazy. AND you plan on running outside for 10 miles. You go girl. I cannot run in heat without passing out. LOL

    Looks like were going to school for similar subjects. Mine is in Information Systems.

    Congrats on your measurements!!!  That is awesome. I'm a 6/8 now but I want to be back in a comfortable size 4.

    It's Monday again so this is the day I usually say "This week I'm going to do good with my eating and try to get in at least 5 workouts". LOL...I can definitely do the eating part, but this is the last week of school so I don't know how much time I will have to workout.

    Have a good week everyone.

  • Hi all!

    MW your emails make me tired just reading all you have to do LOL!  I give you credit, you work so hard.

    T, you are making awesome progress!  And I'm with you, if it's 100 degrees outside screw that, I ain't runnin lol...

    The trainer is fantastic.  His programs are creative and wonderful.  It's working! I've lost fat without losing muscle, which is very difficult to do.  And the cheat/fast thing is only every couple of weeks.  When you think about it it makes sense - your body metabolism goes lower when you eat less calories.  Pretty soon it resets itself to that level, say 1200 cals/day, so you need to stay at that level or you will gain weight.  However, to "surprise" your metabolism every once in a while, have a cheat meal or day, say if you go crazy at a party.  The next day your body will be burning calories like crazy 'cause it just received a whole bunch of calories. fast while your body is burning off those extra calories from the night before.  Then you just eat a sensible dinner, and continue on your regular plan.  And so forth.  I think the benefit of the cheat thing mostly comes in when you have a big party the next day you usually feel full anyway so it makes sense, IMHO.  It's not so bad, really.

    Well gang, it's a Monday so let's get out there and just do it!  Hope everyone has a great week.  I missed our little get togethers online :(


  • Hi again everyone!

    Well, I am starting another Challenge. Apparently I just don't have it in me to keep going unless I have some type of competitive goal in mind. Which is not surprising, I am definitely that type of goal-oriented personality who rarely does stuff "just because." But this time I finally have my husband on board! He's been complaining a lot about back pain and lethargy and the other day I was looking at him and realized wow... this guy has gotten REALLY out of shape... he's thin but also has almost no muscle mass... and he's pushing 40. So after some talks he has agreed to try it. We're going to get up every morning at 6, shower, eat breakfast, then hit the gym. He did some of the B4L workouts with me before and really liked it; I think the big challenge will be the cardio.

    Also, I am thinking instead of the B4L Cardio pattern, I am going to go the 5-25 pattern. I like it a LOT better, and you still hit that 'high point' in minutes 24-25. I am finally able to crank the treadmill to 10.5 mph for that final minute; it is crazy. By the end of this second Challenge I want my 10 to be 12 mph.

    It is still wicked hot here... 99 today. Ugh! We should have our central air fixed by next week... until then I hide in my study which has a li'l window unit. We've been hiking in the mountains a lot lately. I went on a 4-mile trail run at 9500 feet last weekend, it was 73 degrees in the high country and we saw a young bull moose just 50 feet off the trail! I'm thinking about getting it together and doing a fourteener one weekend soon, maybe this next weekend on the 7th. Until then, I stay in the AC and eat a lot of frozen grapes. Best. Summer. Snack. Ever.

    Catty, the feast/fast pattern sounds interesting. I can see how it works by tapping into our bodies' survival instincts and how metabolism works. Let me know how that goes!

    T, you're right, we are on the same track with school. What programming language are you working in right now? I might be able to help you if you ever get stuck; it took me almost 2 years to fully wrap my head around object-oriented programming and even then it's still tricky. Good luck with everything; I am working full-time as well and it is TOUGH to balance that with school. That is awesome you can go for free, and it sounds like you are on the right track. I have just been hit with a FLOOD of freelance opportunities, some of them quite lucrative ($50+ per hour) so it looks like I made the right choice in my career change. :) I'm also doing some fun volunteer design work, logos for my boss's podcast and T-shirts for the local autocross club, the profits of which are going to fire relief efforts in the area (there are a LOT of fires out here right now, thankfully none that are close to where I live but a lot of folks I know have been impacted).

    Alrighty, tomorrow is Day 1, again. Time to fact the alarm clock, the scale, and the measuring tapes for the first time since May 22nd.

  • MW,

    Okay, I was on vacation at the lake and thought I still have work to do & read you post of facebook.  I am in too, need to work on my goals and figure out the cardio - wayyy to HOT here to be outside doing cardio, but in between breaks in the heat it is possible.  I think we are on our 1st week of being or over 100 degrees.  I am looking at Monday to start & thinking about swimming - have neck issues, but I really enjoy swimming.  It maybe be my goal to do so many laps in 20 - 25 minutes.  I don't know where to start the goal until I jump in & try it.  You sound like your doing great!

    Catty & T, good luck girls.

    Also, I tried something over vacation...baked potoes in the crockpot.  Wrap in foil & place in crockpot dry cook on high for 4 hours & dinner is practically ready.  Every family cooked one night while we were at the lake and I chose to make a potatoe bar...and everyone got to pick what they put on it not the healthiest toppings, but you can make it healthy on the regular basis for home.  

    Good luck,



  • I feel your pain. We've had at least one 100+, and the rest high 90s, days since early June. It is NOT fun out here in CO where the average June temp is mid 70s. What the HECK?

    We are supposed to have a cooldown to the lower 80s starting tomorrow (yay!) so I might run outside in the morning, or go for a hike over the weekend. I'm still doing the Challenge (took a Free Day yesterday for the 4th) but being kinda loose and more adaptable. I don't feel the need to follow this one to the letter, it's more just a guide to keep me going but I think every 4 weeks I am going to do something different with weights and cardio, do some more distance runs, and more hikes. As long as I'm moving and working my body, that's all I really care about.

    Thankfully I haven't gained any weight since the end, in fact I've lost another 2 lbs! I'm still lifting as much as when the Challenge ended so hopefully that means it isn't muscle atrophy. Still hovering around 26% BF... let's see how close I can get to 20% after 12 weeks!

    Also, I started a blog, maybe I'll even keep posting to it:

  • MW-

    Heard about the shooting in Colorado. Let us know you're ok.


  • T-

    Yes, I thought the same thing, but she posted on Facebook earlier.   I hope all is well....I have fell of the wagon the last couple of weeks, but plan to get back on it next week.