Starting 20/02 in UK

  • Hi. Firstly just wanted to say hi to everyone and introduce myself. My name is Andy. I'm from Staffordshire in the UK and I'm starting the challenge tomorrow.

    The last time I attempted the challenge was back in 2008, when I lost 47lb (from 17st 7lb to 14st 2lb)

    Since then unfortunately, I've managed to get back up to my original weight of 17st 7lb, although I've managed to retain some muscle.

    Really hoping to get through not just this challenge but make this a way of life. I can't remember a happier time than the last time I was doing BFL, and I'm desperate to get into the habit again.

    Hope that I can encourage and help a few people on here and they can do likewise for myself.




  • Hi Andy,  I am also starting the challenge tomorrow and I am from the UK,  this will be my first attempt at BFL.

    It would be great if we could encourage each other!

  • Hi Andy

    My name is Sam, 34yr old female from Cambridgeshire and starting BFL tomorrow for the first time to.

    Worked out my morning excercise plan and i'm now trying to get my head around the foods that i can and cant eat. I think i'm getting there.

    Good luck and let us know how your getting on.

  • Hi Andys and Sam,

    I'm not from the UK but a total anglophile.  :-)

    I actually started my 2nd cycle of BFL on Sunday, Feb 19, so I'm a day ahead of you guys.  My 1st cycle was in Sept - Dec 2011.  Lost 16 lbs on that cycle, when my goal was 20, but i've put back on a few b/c i fell back into my poor eating habits.

    I've been in your shoes not too long ago so let me know if i can help you out with anything...

  • Andik - Andi, hope today has gone well for you. I have recieved your friend request but i can not figure out how to accept it or even how to make a friend request. Any hints would be good.

  • Good evening Andyh79,

    How have you got on today, is the habit kicking in yet?

    Hello 1bigmes, not sure what time it is where you are its 20:25 in the Uk and im feeling ready to end the day with a glass of wine BUT i'm NOT going to.

    Thanks for the offer of help i'm sure i will be coming back to you.

  • Mumforone, i'm in the NYC suburbs in NJ, so I'm 5 hrs behind.  You may not be able to have your class of wine today, but you can look forward to it on your free day.

  • 2nd Day nearly at an end and all going well, i didnt have my wine and i didnt really miss it. Its also pancake day over here and i even managed to make them for my son and not steal any. I am very proud of myself today.

    I loved the Aerobic excercise today, they way it works really makes you push yourself when i would have normally given up or gone down a level.

    I'm still smiling.

  • Hi all, I am So. Cal and am starting today. I attempted to start the end of January but got sick, couldn't go to the gym or do any kind of cardio and then fell off the bandwagon. I would love to team up with any of you for support and motivation..I definitely need it :-/

  • Hi mumofone.

    Just piping in here because I know that if I don't get socializing I will drift off and not feel motivated.

    I wanted to say that for many years I have enjoyed a glass of wine while i'm making dinner for me and my daughter. I never realized that this, like coffee in the morning became a habit. I don't view it as a bad one, but definitely not conducive to optimizing weight loss :-/  This is one of the toughest parts of the challenge for me - to not have my yoga-in-a-glass *wagh*

  • Hello Annakristina

    I am sure i will stop missing the wine, I have water in a wine glass tonight!

    Might have a small glass on my free day though.

    Lets kick the habit and become healthier.


  • Hey Sam,

    You know what I found to be a great replacement (you're in the UK and I am unsure as to what you get out there), but GT's kombucha synergy drink is awesome. It's super healthy to drink and has an amazing effervescence that hits the spot after a long days work.

    But yes, let's kick the habit for sure, aside from the free day maybe ;-)

  • Thanks Anna

    I'm doing ok now, but i will look out for something like that to have in the fridge ready for those long days.