Starting on 20th Feb - anyone else starting then?

  • Lisabh,

    send me a friend request on Facebook...Regina Meyers in Louisville, KY.  You actually have to add friends into the group as you form the group.  After the initial friend added in it can be set up so that friends of those that are in the group can add friends.

  • Hi guys!  I just wanted to check in and let you know I did stop doing BFL for the time being but I haven't given up on weight loss OR BFL.  I think BFL is the best lifestyle plan out there. Anyway, we bought a small OLD house that we are fixing up, we are selling our current house, I homeschool my daughter and I work full-time right now while someone is on materity leave (and my husband is a pastor and I do a lot for that too...) Sorry about all the excuses, but I am just not up for trying to get in workouts right now - but again I have not given up - until I have time to work out again I started doing Weight Watchers online - I have lost 6 lbs in my first 10 days and will just keep this up until I can get back to BFL. I did it before (BFL) and lost 20 lbs and had great strength and energy and I want that back!!!  The weather has been fantastic up here in NW Indiana so been walking when I can, my treadmill had to go into storage  Just wanted to let you know what happened to me.  But again, I will be back hopefully in May to start working out regularly again.   Let me know if you start a FB group and I will look for you, I am glad to see those of you sticking with it and making progress!!  BFL rocks!!  Blessings, Sally


  • HI all

    I have had problems posting this week, the site wouldn't let me reply to anything, i think i have finally fixed it!!!

    Glad you all seem to be doing well. I am still really motivated and really feeling the difference in clothes now and in the mirror and cant wait to see week 12 results.

    My food cravings have all gone and i love drinking water and green tea.

    BOB where have you gone?

    RME i tried to look you up on face book but there are too many possibles.

    Lisa keep it up.

  • Mumofone,

    in Facebook search try typing in Louisville, Ky as the location along with Regina Meyers.  If that doesn't work for you then my email address is; add it to your email address and do a search that way.

    Looking forward to sharing more with everyone.

  • Hey Guys....

    Where is everyone?!  I feel....... so alone...... LOL

    RME... I can't seem to find you on facebook.  Maybe you can try finding me.  My name is Lisa Burkett and I have the same picture on FB as I have here.  

    Momofone.... I am happy to hear that you are seeing results!  I am hoping that I will get those 7 week results that I hear so much about!  Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Sally... I understand.  You have A LOT on your plate!  Hopefully, you can make the small changes and keep up a little bit with Body for Life.  Good luck with the house.

    Bob... where are you?!?!?!


  • I am still here.  I was sick last Mon-Wed.  Worked out upper thursday and lower friday.  It was a crazy week.  My weight is staying put but then I haven't tried very hard the last week with eating perfectly.  i need to work harder on that.  GOt a new pair of running shoes today going to try and kick the shin splints to the curb.

  • Lisa,

    just sent you a friend request on Facebook.  Sorry, I haven't been on here much.  Catch you soon.

  • Took my cardio outside today in order to change it up a bit.  Started out with fast-paced walking and jogging.  Funny, the walking caused more leg muscle pain and the jogging wasn't bad.  Seriously, have to get into a Chrio and my GP to get some things checked out.  

    Good news is I've lost an inch and a quarter on the hips and an inch on the waist.  

    Need to get some more pis done.

    Also need to push myself harder in the workouts.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful week.


  • Where has everyone gone, is there anyone still continuing this with me?

    I'm still having fun, keeping up with the routine and feeling great.

    Hope to hear from you all soon.....

  • Mumofone-  still on it.  Have lost my momentum and need to get back on track.  

    How you doing?

  • Hi all, I am still working hard and still on track, missing talking to everyone though!

    Hope you are all still doing well.

    Come on RME you can do it.