Starting on 20th Feb - anyone else starting then?

  • I hit the treadmill this morning, Great workout.  I drank the Pre-workout drink and got a rush.  

    I am with you on the waiting to see the results but I am feeling my muscles getting larger but my scale isn't and unfortunately my mirror is small and I can't get a good look.  

    Try eating the egg whites with some salsa and a whole wheat wrap (I also through some fat free sour cream and a pinch of low fat cheese).  I actually cook the salsa and the eggs together.  Love my morning wrap!!!

    Bob, go get your cardio!!!

  • Hi Andru78 - I think you were the one who said you havent lost any weight, but you are only looking to lose 20lbs? I am looking to lose 40 but my body likes to be about 20lbs down from where I am. It is true what Bob said about the less you have to lose, the harder it is to lose it. From everything I have read and from my own experience in the past, the real weight and transformation (if one sticks to the diet and exercise regimen) becomes very obvious around the 8th week.

    Keep up the great work! Im on week 2 now.. only lost 3lbs but lost 1" off my waist, 1" off my hips, and 1/2" off each upper thigh  (dang, that sounds like I have more than 2 thighs - but u get what Im gettin at, lol)

  • Andru - got my cardio in.  :)  Can't say it didn't cross my mind to skip it, but I did not want to report back to you I didn't do it.

    I agree with Anna (who agrees with me) that the initial weeks may not be all that transforming.  Patience!

    Now tomorrow morning will be coming so much faster for me.  UB here I come!

  • Good job getting the cardio in.  I am so looking forward to upper-body tomorrow.  Hitting the bench I haven't done that in a while.

  • Hey guys, I am new to the forum, but not really new to BFL.  I started on the 20th and would love to join in with you guys as we work our way through week 12!  I am super excited as I have always wanted to do the program but I have never completely committed.  My husband is doing it with me and it makes is so much easier!  We both get up at 4:45am and work out here at home.  I am by NO means a morning person BUT I have felt great the past week and a half!  I have read up on the posts so far and I feel like this will be super motivating!


  • Lisabh,

    Welcome.  I think the way to get the most out of this forum is going to be to hold each other accountable to get the workouts in.  My struggle is going to be to do cardio on Saturday morning.  4:450 is impressive.  I don't like it at 5:45.

    This morning was upperbody.  I think I hit it a little to hard. My back is hurting.  Took some Motrin and Vicodin hopefully I will be able to walk around the office shortly.  :)

    What a great work out though.  I measured my arms last night for the heck of it and after I worked out this morning 1/2 inch gain from all the blood flowing.  

    Bob did you get your workout in?

    Rushhour04 did you try the eggwhites and salsa wrap?

    It feels good to get up and get moving in the morning.

  • Welcome Liz!!!!  My wife (who did BFL last summer and looks great) are planning to do it again in this summer together.  She has been so supportive of me.  I have a lot of respect for you, getting up at 4:45 am.  I am proud of my new 6:30 rise time!

    We gained Liz, but have we lost some of our 2/20 starters?  I am looking forward to hearing from in Sallie, Bring-it-on, Holly, tk987, mumofone and Rushhour!!!!  and the others!!!!

    and yes Andru I did get up and get my UB workout in.  I am using the JEFIT app (free) on my iphone to track.  I love it how it tracks my reps, weights, and notes.  (I love tracking this stuff, I can measure progress).

    Anna, going to your blogspot now to check out your progress.

    Bob for Life (BFL) :)

  • I started on the 22nd.  It has been hard but worth it all.  I have found that I need to plan everything otherwise it is so easy to get off track. I did the challenge back in 2003 but hurt my lower back in my 7th week.  Since then I have thought many times of doing the challenge again but never had the strength to commit.  My turning point was on Feb 21 on my 47th birthday.  I thought to my self that the best birthday gift to give myself and my loved ones was to finally commit to good health and do the challenge.  This time I am in it until the finish. The last time I did the challenge I really never read through "Body for Life" book.  This time not only have I read Bill Phillips book but also "Body for Life for Women" by Dr. Peeke.  My mind is slowing being transformed.  I see now that it all starts in your mind.  I know I still have a long way to go but when I get beyond the 7th week, then I know this is very much attainable.  I have lost 2 lbs so far and my energy level has increased much.  I feel blessed to have this second chance. I wish everyone here success!  Best place to start is by reading the book.  All the best to everyone!

  • Anna,

    I just checked yout blog.  You are an inspiration!!  

    Rock on!!!

  • Thanks optimist!! I think that may be the very first time any one has ever said that... i am flattered :0)  I find that having a blog keeps me even more accountable.. i would recommend it for anyone/everyone!

    BTW, umm, yeaaa.. so i gained back that 3 lbs that i lost, but i KNOW it's water retention - I have upped my weights plus all that sodium from my cheat day is still showin its ugly self in my hands.. sausages, i tell u!

  • Hey guys I'm still hangin in there hope you are too! :)

    Got up this morning and I think I hit my Chest and Tri's pretty in just under 46 minute! I'm still not used to leaving the gym early while accomplishing so much! My progress so far is I've actually gained 5lbs since I started this challenge on the 13th of Feb but it could be muscle or I could be I'm just eating to much.

    Oh and FYI I did try the salsa and egg white recipe and it was soooo good nice in spicy just how I like it and it needed NO SALT!! I don't know how long I will be able to afford to eat this well, I'm a jobless grad student and eating healthy is expensive in VA. Can someone post more simple recipes like the omelet? I like spice and protein packed meals :))

  • Good Evening everyone and welcome Lisa.

    Just done my UB workout and my arms are really shaky now. Had a mad day and didn't get time to work out till 8PM.

    You all seem to know lots of stuff about stuff, i keep reading the book and i think im getting there but then someone mentions something else, like sodium swelling you up would never of thought about that.

    I have a couple of queries that i am sure one of you can advise me on:

    Should i eat or take a protien drink within half hour of exercise or wait at least 1 hour after?

    I believe that it is best to do aerobic exercise first thing in the morning is that the same for the UB & LBWO's?

    Well i will look forward to recieving some direction.

    Anna im going to check out your blog now.

  • THANK YOU for the warm welcome!!!

    For those who commented on my workout time, it really was because my husband has to leave for work at 6:15 in the morning.  Since we wanted to work out together, it was the only option.  In fact, I apologized to him the weekend before we started in advance because I knew that I would be crabby! LOL  It hasn't been too bad though.  It is invigorating!

    Momofone, I do believe that it is beneficial to do UB and LB first thing in the morning as well.  I only remember that we are dipping into our reserves rather than the food we already consumed.  

    Bob, I really think there is something to having a "partner in crime!"  My husband is really supportive and we can keep each other in check.  Also, we have three children so it is nice to spend some time together alone without screaming kids!

    Andru, there are low carb wraps that are wonderful!  I saw your message about egg and salsa wraps and I love them.  I just like to keep my carbs lower if I can because they seem to affect me considerably!  

    What is everyone doing for cardio?  I have to admit we have been a little low key on this.  I could push myself more but I was trying to get into the swing of things before starting cardio that is really intense as I HATE cardio.  Love weight training, but REALLY HATE cardio! LOL

  • I found some wraps that are 11 grams of carb.  Less than the Myoplex bars.  

    I did the elliptical once last week (great work out).  Then I did the bike not nearly good enough.  Skipped Saturday as I traveled home late friday night (I work out of town and commute by airplane).  This week I ran yesterday and plan on doing the elliptical again tomorrow.  Hopefully I get a walk in Saturday morning as I am flying home again.  

  • I woke up this morning feeling sick, tried to take my temperature but the battery in the thermometer was dead so I threw it away and I decided to go to the gym for my cardio anyways.  I got on the treadmill and only ran for a few minutes before walking most of the rest of the workout.  I rationalized it is better to stay in my routine and get some sort of exercise.  But I also noticed I am actually gaining weight.  I am up 4 pounds in the last two weeks.  I think I need to give up on the scale and get the tape measure out.

    As far as eating healthy and cheaper, I don't think it is possible.  Eggs are a good cheap protein.  I buy chicken breasts at the whole sale clubs.  Bu the Myoplex Drinks and other recommended items add up real quick.  You could look for similar shakes and bars.

    I haven't read the menu section on this site all that much but from what I have seen there are some good items on there.