Starting on 20th Feb - anyone else starting then?

  • Hi, am looking to complete my first challenge and would like to lose 22kgs (50lbs!) - although appreciate that this might need to be done across more than one challenge.

    Have found  the website really useful so far!

    Have huge respect for the success of everyone out there who have nailed this challenge!!

  • Congratulations on taking the challenge!

    While losing 50 pounds might seem nearly impossible to accomplish in 12 shorts weeks, don't sell yourself short.  Simply do your best every single day and I guarantee that you will pleasantly surprised at your results when you're finished.

    Stay in touch with the people in the forums and you should find all of the encouragement you need to cross the finish line!


    Tim Mardis

    2011 Men's Body-for-Life Champion, 46+

    2011 Men's Body-for-LIFE Champion "endure... inspire... body for life!"

  • I am with you on the 20th.  Time to kill those food and fitness demons-

    Inspire and Be Inspired-

  • I'm starting the 20th too. I did it back in 2009 and had great results. Since then, I've tried to start another one but seem to always get derailed somehow!! Anyway, I have about 20 lbs to lose. I know I can. We can! Let's do this!

  • I will also be starting on the 20th.  

  • My daughter and I are starting on Monday 2/20 also.  Going over my goals and menus tonight!


  • I must admit I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed regarding creating a menu and grocery shopping - eek!

  • Hi, also starting my first challenge on the 20th.

  • Hi

    I am also starting tomorrow for the first time and looking forward to seeing a new body shape.

    I'm finding the website really usefull, trying to get my head around all the nutritional info but finding some of the forums have helped.

    All the best.

  • @mrktpro, I think it's best to take the first few weeks to figure out what you like and then the remaining weeks you can expand your horizons!

  • Thanks for the feedback :) I got the basics and I have a plan - so I think I'm good - I'm hoping I can just use my current protein to make shakes, hate to waste it.  

  • I'm starting the 20th as well.  Currently at 34% body fat, need to really get that down under 25%.  Here we go!

  • This is exciting, like we have our own group - yeah!!!!  

  • I haven't even read the plan yet!  I should download the book, right?  

    My experience is 60 pounds off with Weight Watchers, after 2nd baby, most lost within the last 8 years!

    Down to my last 20 pounds, and struggling!  I'm 5'6" size 8, want to be size 4.  As a friend of mine once said, "There are NO fat size fours!".

    I have a coworker who is taking this challenge very seriously, does the bikini and pictures.  I can't imagine I would be there in a month or two?  

    It's either this, or Medifast, or Marie Osmond style.  Which is best?


  • I have 20 to lose also.  I need to dig into the book and the plan.  Hope to join you tomorrow.  I'm off to read.