2012 Challenge Kit??

  • Hello, I think I may have misunderstood "2012 Challenge Kit Coming Soon" comment on my home page.  I took it to mean that it was "in the mail" and I should expect it to arrive soon.  However, since I am still waiting and it has been 2 weeks, I am wondering if it has not been created yet and "coming soon" means that it will be created soon?


    Can someone clarify for me?  I just need to know if I need to do something different to "get" the Challenge Kit.


    Thanks in advance.

    Peace and Kindness, Rhonda

  • I am not exactly sure why the "2012 Challenge Kit Coming Soon" is on this site unless they were in the process of updating the online site and just haven't removed the verbiage.

    Years ago challengers use to print the forms from the Body-for-Life website, fill them out and mail them back to EAS/Abbott, but now you simply have to click on "The Challenge" link above and fill out your information directly to the website.

    It's not to late, get started right away and we'll see you on the other side!


    Tim Mardis

    2011 Men's Body-for-Life Champion, 46+

    2011 Men's Body-for-LIFE Champion "endure... inspire... body for life!"