wow I am so sore ahhhhhh

  • but it feels so good to be on to day 4 tomorrow...i have literally been waiting years to do this and now that i am its the best feeling in the world although i still get down on myself but i just try to do the best i can. thats all you can do right? my workouts have been impeccable for week one. really working on my core and inner strength and not just throwing around big weights to try and look cool and get big like everybody else. really starting from the inside out. but one thing i do need to do is get my eating better to a Godly Immaculate level but its hard because i have struggled with a eating disorder many years plus other I am trying to take it slow. How's everybody's journey? :)

  • I am so also, but it is from the day 1 workout.  My upper body was screaming.  Today's workout was good. I broke a sweat, and even though I didn't use extremely heavy weights either I know I got a good burn...

    What kind of things are you eating?  I have been mainly eating egg whites, tuna, yogurt, cottage cheese, chicken, rice...

    But yesterday I was craving salt and messed up and ate some Fritos..(2 bags) was better.

    So, my journey is going okay so far...completed all the training, but definitely have to work on nutrition.

    Definitely take it slow...and recognize the progress that you are making

    See ya...

  • I was so sore yesterday I had to fall onto a chair in order to sit down! ha ha. I have mixed it up real good on the diet. My awesome wife has kept up on the cooking since I work so much.

    So far I have had. Fish: Tuna, Salmon, Talapia. Chicken cooked on the grill. Egg whites, boiled egg whites. Turkey breast burger which is one of my new favs! and lean steak. Then ive had Brown rice whick i love with cottage cheese. yogurt. greek yogurt with granola and slices of fresh strawberries. backed potatoes. And about a gallon and a half of water each day.  I also have chopped up a small tomatoe and green onion and put that on cottage cheese its very tasty.

    I dont know why anyone wouldn't like this diet. the foods are amazing. You just need to watch portion sizes.