Work Schedule, Eating schedule.

  • So I have a question for some advice. I have offically started my transformation yesterday. I work 12hr night shifts. 4 days on 4 days off 3 days on 3 days off. Rotating every other week like that. When I get off of work on my last day I either stay up for most of the day or sleep for about 4 hours so that I can spend time with my wife and baby during the days on my off days. Does anyone else work a simular shift that has tips for transitioning the 6 meals into days?




  • Jordan,

    Not sure exactly what you are asking, but here is what I did when my schedule was hectic.

    1. I would spend a few hours preparing meals for the week. I'd often cook a ton of chicken and freeze portions. I was fortunate enough to have a large fridge at work to store multiple meals.

    2. I heavily relied on Myoplex Lite (rtd) shakes. I purchased 4-5 cases one time and had a few stashed here and there.

    Good Luck!

    John Chisholm

    2011 Grand Master Champion

  • Hi Jordan,

    I think you're asking how should you eat 6 meals properly when working 12-hour shifts and how should you change your meal plan when you're off work.

    To begin with, John had a great suggestion about making sure that you had enough meals at your immediate disposal - the Myoplex Lite Ready to Drink shakes are a must.

    As for your eating plan while at work, the Body-for-Life program suggest that you should eat something every 2-3 hours in order to reduce blood-sugar spikes thus making your body go into starvation mode and begin storing available carbs as body fat.  If you are able to eat or even drink a Myoplex shake every 2-3 hours while at work great, and if not simply do your best, and when you're at home try to get something every 2-3 hours.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the other side!


    Tim Mardis

    2011 Men's Body-for-Life Champion, 46+

    2011 Men's Body-for-LIFE Champion "endure... inspire... body for life!"

  • Thank you both for the input and advice. So far its been pretty easy to eat every 2-3 hours at work. I do need to order me some of the myoplex packets though. What do you suggest doing for an eating schedule when you are awake for over 24 hours at a time? This usually only happens twice a month for me but it does happen due to busy schedules.

    Thanks a ton.


  • I start Wednesday the 22 ... I work nightshift four nights a week so I am planning everything!!  I was successful w BFL in the past so I am very excited to start again... Would love any advice on planning the changes and challenges between changing from nights to days as well!!! Good luck!!!