2/6/12 Start, Anti-Kryptonite Thread

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    Week 11 is off and running.  I missed my cardio this past Sunday.  I went on a marathon fishing trip, 5 am to 5 pm, and all of that time was spent wading in the lagoon from knee to thigh deep water.  Caught a ton of fish and had a great time, but by the time we got back to the ramp, I was wrecked.  Looking forward to finishing out this week strong, and hitting week 12.  Bummer part is that if I hit my goal of another 10 or 12 lbs for this last 4 weeks, I'll be at about the same weight that I started trying to get in shape in back in 07.  Oh well.  I think that means I'll really start seeing some good results over my next 12 weeks.

    Just for fun, here's a pic of a nice redfish caught Sunday morning at about 630 am. 


  • Week 12 halfway.  Hard to believe 12 weeks is almost up.  I'll be weighing in on Saturday morning, and then I'll roll right into another 12 weeks.  

  • The wading in the lagoon probably gave you a decent cardio workout. :D

    That is some fish you caught.

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  • Thanks, ElleBlue!  I had a great time that day, and being on my feet walking around in the water for 12 hours made missing that workout tolerable.

    I finished up week 12 and I'm already 3 days into my new challenge.  I stuck with the eating very well, and only missed the two cardio workouts that I mentioned above.  I am very happy with how the first 12 weeks went.  I lost 45 lbs and am definitely getting stronger.  I took week 1 pics and week 12 pics, but I won't be posting those yet.  Going from 299 to 254 is a great start, but my week 12 pics are still pretty scary.  My goal is to reach a lean and strong 180 by Christmas.  That's in 34 weeks and averages out to 2.17 lbs per week from now until then.  I can do that.  

  • Going strong here in the middle of week 3.  Looking forward to weigh in another week and a half to see if I'm hitting my 2+ lbs a week I am shooting for.  I missed a cardio day yesterday, which is frustrating.  I went fishing all day again, hitting the ramp at 530 am and not getting done cleaning up the boat until 530 pm.  I will be getting in a racquetball match tomorrow night as an extra workout.  I don't count those in my workout plan, that's just something fun I like to do.  But, it is nice that I get that extra activity.

  • "Why are you here???!!"  "BURN FAT, BUILD MUSCLE!!"  That's the other mantra I repeat at my daily workouts to keep me going.  

    Closing in on end of week 5 in Challenge 2.  Definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, even if it is months away still.  I finished this first 4 weeks another 12.4 lbs down for a total loss over the 16 weeks at 57.4  Definitely feeling better, and I'm happy I'm on track to reach the 180 by Christmas.  

    I've done great avoiding the platters of pastries and bagels and donuts at the office, but this week peanuts and mixed nuts have been my kryptonite.  I know they are good for me, and every now and then I buy them saying one handful a day will be a good supplement, but then I just cram them down every chance I get.  Just gotta stop buying them.  Looking forward to a racquetball match tonight.  Big difference on the court when I'm not running around with a 45 lb plate and a 10 lb plate strapped to my belly.

  • Well, the last four weeks were a set back.  I did well hitting the workouts, but the eating went off track.  The scary part is the eating wasn't way off, but it was enough to turn those 4 weeks into a 3.6 lb gain.  That's frustrating, but I know how to fix it.  

    When I switched up my workouts for the last 4 weeks, I did a lot of cables and machines.  I could tell I wasn't getting the same calorie burn.  This 4 I'm going back to free weights, and especially on lower body the lunges and squats burn so much more than the leg machines.  

    On the food side, no more peanuts!  I can't control portions with those for anything, so I'm just not going to have them in the house.

    I've made it harder on myself to reach my 180 by Christmas goal, but it isn't completely out of reach.  I need to average 2.5 lbs per week which is a stretch, but not impossible.  EVERY DAY COUNTS!