Starting Challenge Feb 13, 2012>Who's With Me?

  • Thanks Tonja!!!!  I figured I would just incorporate my BFL exercises, but wasn't really for sure.  I'm so excited to try it today.  I may have to call someone to come to the gym and pick me up when I get thru!  lol

  • Karen, thanks for your input too!  What weights did you start with?  8 reps wieght from BFL?  Do you like it?

    Shannon, I posted it on my profile under files 5-25...

    Have a good one.

  • thanks Karen!  like I said in my post earlier, I have less than 5 wks before I hit the beach!  yikes!  lol

  • At least you hae 5 wks to get ready.  That's a good amount of time, we all know the type of results you can get in that time frame.  I would start witht he 10 rep weight as your doing all of the exercises non-stop and it's kinda exhausting.  If you can handle it up the weights.  Good know you can do it.  I really like this workout regimen as I needed a change.