Starting Challenge Feb 13, 2012>Who's With Me?

  • Need accountability partners. So excited to get this transformation under way. Let's get ready to BRING IT!

  • Welcome tn angelface!  I think you will find the support here!  I am only in my second week myself but find this forum to be very active!  Best of luck with your challenge!

  • Hey all,

    I am planning to start on 2/13.  I really need a good support system to get through this. Gonna be 43 this March and gonna give myself the best gift ever. The new/old me!

  • Hi All, I am planning on starting a second challenge on Monday as well...I am going to update my profile, etc. I lost 30 lbs on the first challenge...i've gained back about 4...EEK! after being off the wagon since I am ready to start this again. I think after this challenge I will be at my goal...I hope to lose about 35 pounds this time.

  • I'm in too. Curious what supplements everbody is taking. I ordered my Betagen, CLA, and myoplex lite. I turned 40 and it is time to shed these extra lbs I have acquired ugh!!!!

  • I am going to start Feb 13th, as well!  I attempted the Challenge about 8 or 9 yrs ago but never even got halfway through.  I will finish strong this time!  I look forward to some accountability and friendships on this forum.  Thanks for starting this one, angelface!

  • I'm starting on the 8th, so I'll be a few days ahead of you.  Gonna hit 40 this year and now is the time!  Good Luck!  I'll be checking in on your progress...

  • I will be using Myoplex Lite shakes (I get them from Sam's Club), CLA, and some other vitamins and minerals.

    I also will be doing a Omega fatty acid (borage, fish, flax)  and some extra calcium and D because my levels were low during my last physical.

    ***Out of all of the comments someone felt a need to rate mine...and rate it a "2" I gave myself a 5 ;)  Perhaps I need to elaborate more!?!

    I think it is important to note that while a lot of supplements are encouraged they are NOT required and may not even be necessary to get great results. I am taking a multi-vitamin and at night I take magnesium and zinc because I've heard it works well for migraine prevention and BP.

    Find the combo that works for you...that is what I did!

    Here is to hoping for a positive and fun challenge!!!

  • Hi All,

    I am also involved in the February challenge, I may be a little different to most, looking to gain 3 kilos during this time. Looking for support. Hope your out there.


  • Hi Everyone- I'm ready to start, too...count me in. I'm ready to get in the best shape ever (and in my 40s!) I know it can be done...would love to be part of a group I need to be accountable with. Let's do it!!!! Tami

  • I am also starting Feb. 13, 2012.  I'm in!

  • I'm starting 2/13 also.. Let's do this!!!

  • I just stumbled back onto this today and thought, what the heck, I'll give it a shot and will start on the 13th. I will just need to get myself ready for it - photos taken, meals planned and supplements bought. I definitely need support to follow it through to the end. I just had my second child 13 weeks ago and held onto 10 pounds after each of my two pregnancies. So I would like to lose 20+ pounds. I guess I have come to the right place!

  • Best of luck to all of the Feb 13th group.  I am only 2 weeks ahead on my first challenge.  We ALL can do this!

  • I was first introduced to BFL,  I think back in 2000,  I didn't officially do the challenge,  I bought the book and used the products,  followed the routines and was in the best shape of my life.  Now I am in my 40's married with 4 kids and 50 pounds heavier.  So I am gong back to what worked.  I am starting my first Challenge on Feb 13.  Need the support from all and am willing to give my support.  best of luck...