Hi! I'm Donna, looking for some buddies who started the challenge today on 2/6/2012

  • I use the palm size method or I do 4 oz.....I dont know what you weigh so dont know if 4 oz is enough for you. I learned in Weight Watchers palm is an easy method.

  • Good luck to you as well. I am new to this too so we're in the same boat. Still trying to figure how to do a friend request. Does anyone know?

  • Hi Sandy!!! That sounds like an EXCELLENT idea.....Let's do it!!! Donna

  • Thanks for the advice...3-4 oz of protein sounds about right!

  • Donna,

    Click on a name, mine, and it should give you an option to send a friend request, it may be a right click.

  • Bbell,

    I used to weigh my food and now I can just eye it and know the measurement. It usually comes out to 3-4 oz.


  • Update so far....felt like I was going to die on Monday with HIIT on the treadmill. Had a bad day at work on Tuesday and didn't workout (use it as my free day). I decided to always workout in the morning so I won't have any excuses if someone makes me mad during the day. LOL...this morning I did my UBWO and it felt great. I'm dreading feeling like I'm going to die tomorrow. :-)