***We're All In - Again!***

  • Hi Body for Lifers!  There is a small group of us who just completed our first challenge but are committed to making our new bodies our Body For Life.  We would love to expand our group to include more BFLers who continue on past the initial 12 weeks.  We couldn't have done it without the support, encouragement, and kick in the pants we provided each other. 
  • I'm back and ready for another 12 weeks of fun, muscle building and weight loss.  I lost 36 pound during my first challenge and I'm ready to get mean and lean.  All are welcome and we're hear to help and give motivation for repeaters and newbies.

    Did a new exercise for my shoulders and I feel like I've done some good.  Starting position was holding barbell while standing straight up with bar hanging all the way down, hand close together but not touching.  Pulling bar up to my chin slowly and then slowly back down.  I found this to target my shoulders well and I'm feeling the pain days later.  It seems the more I switch it up the better my progress is.

    Later all.  Hope to see all my previous BFLers and lots of new one.


  • Found the new thread, I am back and ready for 12 more weeks of going for it.

    Good to see some familiar names here. Hope to see some new people on board with us.

    Week 1 day 1, Did a new UBW today. Was very shaky during some of the exercises, my muscles are not used to the new routine. I guess thats good.

    I took it easy last week and pretty much ate what I wanted and did I end up paying the price. Gained 6 pounds back since last week, most of that was probably last night watching the game. So back at it again today. Weighed in at 265 I cant believe how fast the weight jumps back on me when I am not careful what I am doing. I guess thats my first lesson of the new challenge. Thats alot of ground to give back so fast.

    Looking forward to a great 12 weeks.

    Keep the faith,


  • Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Happy Monday and welcome to another round! This quote resonated with me today so I turned here for encouragement and enthusiasm. 

    @ Joe - I am feeling the post Super Bowl Party pain right there with ya!!!!  I "grazed" during the game and really didn't pay attention to what I was eating and/or drinking.  It was my free day so no big deal right?  WRONG!  My stomach hurt all night long.  That tells me that my body didn't appreciate the party food one little bit.  The dull headache tells me that my brain didn't appreciate the 2 drinks that I had.  

    @ Bob - upright rows?  Is that the exercise you are describing?  I am trying to picture it in my mind...I am glad that you are back in for another round.  36 pounds is amazing and INSANE!  So glad to have you as part of our BFL family.

    My workout today, once I got my tummy feeling ok, was awesome.  I threw in some new exercises as well mainly focused on using my own body weight.  The Warrior Dash is 12 weeks away and I will need to pull myself up, through, and over obstacles - which I can't do right now.  So, increasing my upper body strength and cardio endurance are goals for this round.  Oh yeah - and dropping another 15 pounds (what I lost round 1).

    Where are my girls?????

    Have a great BFL Day!


  • Yes, they are upright rows.  I guess I would have saved a lot of time if I had just said that from the get go.  

    I took Sunday off for a Super Bowl party and oh my, I paid for it today.  I don't think I'll be doing that again for awhile.  Once my body gets used to a low fat diet, it doesn't like a day of high fat eating.

    My goal for this challenge is to shed 30 pounds and be able to see that start of a six pack.



  • Hi All-

    I'm back!! It's so good to see some familiar names on this forum again.

    Sharon- I read BFL for women and I'm totally hooked. I will follow it for this challenge. My goal is to lose 15 pounds by the end of this challenge and look and feel amazing!

    I'll be going away for a few days to San Francisco this week. Hopefully, it doesn't set me back too much. I am taking my sneaker with me and plan on working out at the hotel. Any advice on getting in 6 meals while traveling and vacationing?


  • Just checking in to see how everyone's doing.  I haven't missed a day on the plan since Super Bowl Sunday.  That one day set me back about 5 pounds.  It's hard to believe one day of bad eating can make you gain so much weight.  Well, now I'm back to 211 which is 38 pounds lighter then my starting weight of my first challenge and 2 pounds lighter then the starting weight of the 2nd challenge.  I'm not going to do another binge like that again, I paid for it in many ways.

    I bought a stand mixer yesterday so that I could make my own multigrain bread.  The first loaf turned out very tasty but not as light as I would have hoped.  I watched some videos on Youtube on how to bake bread, made some adjustments and I'm now waiting on the first rise of two loafs.

    I hope all are doing well with their commitment to the program.  Keep your focus everyone.  


  • Good Morning Team,

    Not a very good week last week. My Mom was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday and I have spent the last 5 days at the hospital. I will spare you all the details but it's not good. She has a long fight ahead of her. If you all have a second please say a prayer for her.

    I still managed to get all my workouts in but my eating was tough. I ate in the hosptial cafeteria all week. Some decent choices there but not many. The stress has been hard and thats all I want to do is eat bad foods. I did manage to lose 2 pounds last week.

    For the new challege I am down 2 pounds from 265 to 263. I'll call that a victory considering the week I had.

    Keep the Faith,


  • Sorry to hear about your mom Joe, I hope she's doing better.

    I haven't missed a day on the program but I haven't lost anymore weight.  The interesting thing is that my waist line is continuing to shrink and my body fat % is still dropping.  I guess that means that I'm building muscle weight as fast as I'm losing fat weight.  I love my body fat/weight scale.

    What's happened to the rest of out team?  If you've fallen off the wagon it's never too late to jump back on.


  • Bob, I'm glad you posted, I tried finding the thread this morning and couldn't find it.  What scale are you using?

    After not following "the plan" for 20 days (during travel), I am happy to report that I only gained 1.5 pounds and an inch on my belly. Luckily, all of the muscle I had build up over my challenge carried me through to now. So! I am back on track and started "Day 1" Monday. I feel so much better already!

    How is everyone else doing? I am a testament to the statement that you are only one workout and one meal away from get back into Body-For-Life rhythm again.

    We are worth it!


  • I'm using a Homedics BMI scale.  I bought it from Best Buy.  I'm glad you're going to start up again.  I was afraid everyone was stopping and I wouldn't have anyone to chat with.

    And where is everyone else????  I know super Joe still hanging in there.