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  • I need help getting over these expectations of my free day! I feel best when I am sticking to the plan but am excited for my free day (wine, food, friends, etc) I find myself trying to decide which day will be the best for me to join in on the dinner out and drinks... Probably exactly what got me in trouble in the first place. hehe

    I completed Body For Life at the age of 22 about 6 years ago and it changed my life. I have slowing changed my eating habits and exercise regimen to one of cardio and 2 larger meals per day which I know has lead me to this body that is not swimsuit ready.


    I just finished my firt week and feel motivated and excited to have this forum.



  • I just finished a couple of days ago, I am in my twenty's too. I like to have sunday be my free day and if I want to go out and party I am not allowed a drink until after midnight saturday night. Keeps the empty calories down, the sunday I usually just try to get 4 meals in brunch mid afternoon large dinner, then shake. Once I get to the last four weeks I abstain from any free days but especially in the beginning use your free days to acclimate and quench cravings. Or switch it too saturday and apply the same ideas, also sunday as your first weight training day can be a pus becuase there is no one in the gym.

  • For me Saturday works better as my free day and I do cardio my first workout on Sunday because we are not always at home so I can do my cardio no matter where we are.  I prefer doing all three of my weight sessions Monday, Wed, Friday.  Cardio Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Whatever you do remember that free day is ONE day, not two.  Which makes a hangover pretty wicked.

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  • Hollly - Welcome back to the Challenge!

    This free day stuff had me perplexed as well.  I wrote a post Titled "What I learned on my free day" explains my crazy free day.

    Living in Vegas, it's tough to balance out this free day as everyday can seem like a party filled with "unclean" foods.

    I try to balance accordingly.  If it's Friday and people call and want to go out, I just decline, say I've got plans and say how about tomorrow.

    I've used the cutoff time from 9PM Sat to 9PM Sunday as my free day, that way if I choose to go out then I can do whatever and then by 9PM Sunday I can be back in the mindframe, eat my last meal as a healthy one and be on track.

    If I absolutely get caught where I'm out on a non-free day, then I'll order a cranberry juice which can mask as a cranberry vodka, or I'll just get bottled water.  If anyone asks why I'm not drinking, I'll just say, "Ah man, I had so much earlier."   What they don't realize was "earlier" was a couple months ago.

    Same thing with food.  I'll order chicken wings, see if anyone wants to split it (because I had so much earlier) and then slowly nible on one and eat more of the celery and carrots that come with it.

    What I've learned is nobody likes you when you are different, and nobody wants to hear that you don't drink, you're on a diet, etc, etc.  But when you use the words, "No thanks I had some earlier"....they just assume you are still part of them and they leave you alone.

    ~Marqui D.  C1W7D45

  • Holly-I generally use Sunday as my free day as we sometimes go out to eat for dinner or bbq in the evening. I eat clean the rest of the day so one meal free has worked for me. If I'm traveling, and I do a lot, sometimes I have to change to Saturdays, but Michelle is right, make it ONE day otherwise your whole weekend will turn into a week, well you get the picture!

    Just make sure you plan, plan, plan!!! That has been one of the keys to my success! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...