Week 1 results

  • Well, I started Week 2 today. While none of my measurements have changed, I have gone from 215 to 210.  I did not eat perfect in Week 1, but I think I did okay and it will continue to improve I suspect. So I am not sure if this weight loss was due to the workouts or water weight ... maybe I actually lost it ;)

    I guess the biggest issue is my diet.  I have give up sodas and sugar snacks, and that is after drinking 3-4 cokes per day and other sugar snacks. I drink coffee and water and that is pretty much it. I am drinking a whey protein shake for my 2nd and 4th meal, so hopefully that is okay as I have heard conflicting information on that subject.

    Here is typical day:

    Oatmeal/Slice of honey wheat bread w/peanut butter


    Sliced chicken breast w/spinach on honey wheat bread


    Really depends for dinner. My wife tries to help when cooking, but with three kids, it is tough for her to make me something healthy ;)

    Popcorn or fruit or a bowl of raisan bran w/skim milk



    What are your thoughts?  I think my biggest downfall is dinner.








  • Maybe you should try having eggs and veggies at breakfast.  What kinds of things is your wife cooking for dinner?

  • I too have given up diet coke and sugar snacks, but am now able to have them on cheat days to satisfy my craving.  Honestly, when I have a pop now it's sooooo syrupy to me and not as good as I remember it.  My sweet tooth now is usually cured with a protein shake or yogurt's with fruit.

    You need to own your transition, repeat to yourself why you are doing this in the first place, it's your choice to do this and in the process maybe the family follows along.  Be honest with yourself.  Some things that i eat that help me in these type of situations are 1% cottage cheese with a Dannon lite fruit yogurt, this could help with your sweet tooth.  For dinners, rotisserie chickens are great and something maybe that can help satisfy everyone.  Can your wife bread chicken breasts and bake them?  Maybe you or her can prep them on the weekends and put them in a container and you can nuke them when you get home.  Rices, pasta and vegetables are good in bulk.  We commonly cook up too much food on Monday and then I can take my portions and nuke them when I get home.  I do it with meats, vegetables, pasta, rice, anything!  Planning ahead will help.

    For the record I have my shakes at 7 am, 4pm and 10pm or before I go to bed,  I'm not sure what the controvery is, but it works for me and many others.  Hope this helps!