February 6th

  • @ ecantwell

    dont feel overwhelmed by planning out the entire 12 weeks.  I am going week by week.  I planned out the entire weeks meal plan and every night i am planning out the next days workout.  That way it does not feel so overwhelming to me.  

  • I'm in, I am planning a Feb 6th start date too. like ecantwell I'm planning out my 12 weeks

    I do think it's easiest to plan ahead about a week, any more and there are too many variables that can come up to throw you off.

    I also have to feed my wife and 3 girls, not the easiest crowd to please ;) but on the same coin everybody ends up eating better by default!

  • That is one thing I know I will struggle with. My son is a picky eater. I tried to get him to eat oatmeal this morning he said he wanted some until he saw what oatmeal was and he didn't want any after that.

    He doesn't even know what it tastes like and he refused. He's going to be 2 years old on Sunday and if you have a child that young you probably know what I'm talking about when I say refused. He threw himself on the floor and was sooo mad. I ended up giving him a piece of wheat toast with some cream cheese. He ate that with a quickness.

    We usually eat healthy at our house but it's hard to get him to try new foods. So that is going to be a battle.

    I am going to plan out my meals one week at a time. That way I know what I'm making and what I need to grocery shop for the Sunday before the week starts. We'll see how that goes.

    I will post my meal plan on here once I get it finalized!

    ---on the road to being fiercelyfit!

  • I'm In!!  My birthday is on Super Bowl Sunday, so I'll be in need of a workout and some clean eating on Monday!!

  • I'm in--been telling myself that I am going to start for the last 3 weeks--well Feb. 5 is it!  My nutrition has been spot on, but just can't get myself to the gym--until this noon!  Just went and did some moderate cardio (not HIIT by any means) and it felt GREAT!!   Looking forward to my official start on Feb. 5.

  • Awesome! I'm excited to start on Monday. If you'd like to join our Facebook group page you are welcome to. It's BFL Newbies and group pic is a NO donuts sign. :)

  • I too want to start and need motivation to stay on it!!!  I would love to have friends that I can support and will support me in return..I have tried too many times to start but I just cant stick to it for very long.

  • I am a week ahead but would love to join the Facebook group page.  I think i requested but have not been confirmed.

  • This is excellent - have done the BFL challenge years ago & it was brilliant. Fell pregnant straight after but now it's time to start again. I hadn't seen the BFL site until today as just dusted off my old book & thought I'd google to see if there were any updates. I'm in Australia (please don't hold that against me) so can't enter the actual challenge but need a goal set to actually stick to it so would love to join you all in your journeys. (ps - looking forward to seeing the Superbowl too so def start date tomorrow)

  • I want to join! Im starting February 6th as well!

  • I also started last week and would like to joing the FB group, have applied just haven't heard back yet. Good Luck to all in this adventure :)

  • Hey. I am looking to start tomorrow as well for my first challenge. I am 22 and starting at 190. I just bought my bathing suit for the beginning photo yesterday and it was pretty rough to see. I am planning my food and exercise plan for the week right now. I'm finishing up my last quarter of undergrad so I'm hoping that a busy schedule doesn't knock me off the wagon. I also asked to join the FB group.

  • Day 1 for me.  Looking forward to getting back in shape.  Trying not to concentrate on how far I have to go, and instead measure success one day at a time.  Good luck to all that got started today!

  • Today is day 1 for me as well!  Last month, I started eating healthy, going to yoga regularly, and doing cardio.  This month, I want to start BFL.  I've done it before, but I've only lasted about a month before school or something got in the way/I just made up excuses.  But now that I have a steady job, I have no excuses!


  • Hey guys! had a successful first day yesterday. I've posted my before pics on my profile. Even though I'm naturally thin I have love handles and a belly to get rid off. I'll be posting pics as I go along.