February 6th

  • I am 26 years old weigh 121 lbs looking to tone up and get in shape.
    I want to start the challenge February 6th and am looking for team mates! :) 

  • Well I started this week 1/30/12.  I will be a week ahead of you but can share my experience if that would help!

    Good LUCK!!!!

  • I'm planning to start the challenge February 6th too!  After SuperBowl weekend of course! ;-)  I'm 35 years old, 5'6", 158 lbs.  I want to lose weight, BUILD muscle and overall get in shape!  If you're interested in giving each other support, I am Too!  Never done this before - have you?

  • I also want to start February 6th!  I am 29 and weigh 165.  I want to tone and shape but more importantly I want to stick with it!  That is my biggest problem.  I am hoping that team mates can help with that.  Are any of you on facebook?  We could always start a group there too.

  • I am doing this for the first time too.  I never stick with anything so I am hoping some good support will help me through!  

  • Hi guys! Yes, it's my first time doing this. My local golds gym is having their annual 12 week challenge and as part of the program they weigh you in and check your body fat.

    I found out I have 13.5% body fat. Which is not entirely bad..it's just that it's all in my midsection. I have like absolutely no tightness in my abs and my back needs work.

    I'm hoping that doing this BFL challenge will get me to where I want to be. Fit and strong! Strong is the new sexy! :)

    I will be taking before and progress photos.  Will all you also be doing the same? I've been reading and it's really the best way to see how your doing.

    I really don't have much of a support system. My boyfriend is supportive but isn't doing the challenge. I wish he was so I would be even more motivated. I did get one of my high school buddies to join me so that is good.

    Andys10 - How is your 1st week going?

    Have you guys done a meal plan yet for your 1st week? I will be working on that this week to prepare for it.

    One thing I don't understand completely are the reps. Are we supposed to do the same weight for all reps or increase the weight as we go down in reps for the workouts.

    Also, what are you going to use as a supplement to your workouts and meals? Like, vitamins etc?

  • Ecantwell, I am on Facebook & would be up to doing a group. :)  

  • Sojirae, I'm also waiting until after superbowl Sunday not because I'm a football fan, but it's my sons 2nd birthday and there will be Mexican food! Tons of it! Hard not to eat...a little bit of EVERYTHING.

  • 1st week has been going well.  My wife and I are getting up at 4:30AM and at the gym at 5AM the last 2 days.  Cardio went really well today.  I was happy with the workout.  I am looking forward to tomorrows lower body workout!  I just put the plan together.  To be honest my arms are still sore from Monday’s workout…  It is reminding me that a body in motion is a sore body… well an out of shape body at least….  

    The Meals have not been as scary as I originally thought.  I have been eating my egg whites for breakfast, this morning I added in the recommended bowl of oat meal.  I was full for sure!   We made enough for dinner last night that I could eat leftovers for lunch today!  SCORE!  The protein shakes are delicious!  I am also doing some muscle milk after the lifting days.  That is the one product I really don’t like the flavor of.  Oh well, 2 days down 82 to go!!!!

    The reps are going to be a learning process I think.  Some of the exercises I am progressing up in weight, others I am keeping the same weight because it is still an elevated effort to do another set.  I am making notes on where I could have increased the weight.  I am still working on really finding my 10 but I am sure with experience that will come!  

  • That's awesome! What kind of cardio do you do? That's another thing I need to understand better as far as intensity levels etc.

    Yay 2 days down!!! :)  I love this kind of countdown!

    If you have any tips for all us newbies as you go along please feel free to share.

  • As far as cardio, I ran on the treadmill.  I did some time on the treadmill last year so I kind of knew what to expect.  I think the goal is to start at a personal effort of 5 for 2 minutes then stage it up to an effort 6 for a minute and so on until you reach a personal effort of 9 then stage it down every minute.  I found this page helpful bodyforlife.com/.../cardio  for me it is easier to see it.  

    For instance I started my morning at a pace of 4 MPH on the treadmill for 2 minutes then staged it up by 1MPH every minute.  I know the last 2 minutes should be at effort 10 but my 18-19 minute I jumped way down to a 4 to catch my breath but minute 19-20 I went to 8MPH to finish the work out.  I did a cool down minute at 3MPH.  that was my workout and I did 1.77 miles.  I was happy with that and know that I have work to do and next time what I need to focus on.

    As far as tips for the newbies…  I too am new to this but I can say from my 2 days so far, expect to be sore.  My Monday lifting felt good but I am still feeling it.  Maybe an Advil before the workout will help.  This online community is awesome, leverage us for support, I know I have been reading the forum every day!  I feel like I am learning so much here!

  • Congratulations Andys10 for getting started!  I am feeling a little overwhelmed in my preparations for the next 12 weeks so it helps to read what others have done and that it hasn't been too bad.  I have tried lots of healthly lifestyle changing programs and I just cannot stick with them.  I know it is a mental game, I just hope I can figure it out.

  • I just created a facebook group!  Look for it under BFL Newbies!  Any and all are welcome.  I plan on posting my before pics this weekend.  It might help to have a smaller forum to discuss our trials and tribulations!  Hope to see everyone there!

  • Awesome! I just added my highschool bud to the group as well. :) This challenge doesn't know what's gonna hit it! Go team! Woooohooo!!!

  • I will be starting February 6th! Looking forward to it