Terribly worried that Im gaining weight

  • Hello,

    I am from SA, we dont do the challenges here, but I have started a week ago by myself.

    I try to be as accurate as possible regarding eating and training.

    I eat exactly as the book says.

    Typically I eat:

    half a cup oats with a scoop of vanila protein for breakfast. 

    USN shake with 23g protein and 16g carbs mix.

    Lunch is 2 slices whole weat bread with chicken breast and a tomato.

    Snack - USN shake

    Dinner - Fish with potato and veg. All correct portions


    I train well. I do my 20mins cardio every second day and manage to push myself to level 9 and 10.

    Every other day I train my upper and lower body as the book says.


    My free day was a boozy one... I had about 5 single vodkas with lime. And chips and other bad stuff... eeeeek!


    Today is the start of my 2nd week. I weighed and measured myself this morning. 

    I have picked up 2kg's (about 4lbs)!! I want to cry!! My measurements are still the same.


    Did my free day ruin it for me? Is it normal to pick up weight? I am so sad and worried.

    Please help...



    Sweat is fat crying.

  • I forgot to mention that I drink about 3L of water a day. So water is not the problem.

    I am used to low calorie diets with zero carbs. The carb thing is scaring the hell out of me. I used to lose weight so easily with calorie controlled diets (always gaining the weight again...) so its difficult to see that Im gaining while eating the BFL way...

    Sweat is fat crying.

  • Hey :)

    I am also just starting my second week. Firstly alcohol can cause you to retain water which is probably the most likely cause of your weight gain so dont panic too much! Secondly I think it sometimes just take the body a bit of time to adjust. I am in a similar situation - lots of previous calorie restriction crash diets and I think this can really confuse your body especially when you start to treat it right again and fuel it with all the right things. I weighed myself like half way through my week last week and `I was up 2-3 pounds, needless to say i panicked but I stuck with it and when I weighed myself at the end of the week I was down 2 .5 pounds from my original weight.Thirdly we are women and our bodies seem to do whatever the hell they want really and you can often gain a few pounds just depending on what time of month it is. Stick with it and I'm sure you'll see the changes your looking for, if you are exercising right and eating cleanly it will work!

    I am from the UK but i spent a year in SA, you have a very beautiful country :) Best of luck!

  • Hi Lelani,

    Congratulation on starting BFL. Alcohol is a big part of your weight gain and salty chips probably have you retaining water. Since you have been on a carb restricted diet it will take a while for your body to adjust to eating carbs and that may be playing a part too.

    Looking at your typical menu I would be careful about eating bread every day and try some brown rice or sweet potato instead. If your protein powder has carbs in it and your are adding it to your oats that meal may be carb heavy. BFL is not low carb rather a balance of protein/carbs. I would stay away from the alcohol, keep working hard, and give your body time to adjust to the carbs.

    Best Wishes,


  • Dear Emzoid and Kim

    I cant tell you how much it means that you took the time to read my thread. Thank you so much for the constructive advise.

    I makes complete sense that my body isnt used to the carbs seeing that ive been on zero carb diets all my life.

    I will from now on eat less whole wheat bread, and add more rice and potato etc.

    I know alcohol is a big no-no, and i must set my mind on not sosiolasing over the weekends so much.

    Emzoid, its nice to know that Ive got someone that is also in their second week. I will keep contact with you. Good luck.

    Thanks again.


    Sweat is fat crying.

  • Hi Lelani,

    moenie te veel "worry" omdat jy nog nie gewig verloor het nie, dit is nie n crash dieet nie, maar liewer n lewens wyse, vasbyt dit sal gebeur, ek is nou al 3 weke besig met die ding, nog niks gewig verloor nie (dink ons kan dit op braaivleis, pap en Castle lite blameer) maar begin darem nou in n roetine in kom! Sterkte en geniet dit! IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!!



  • Hi Vaatjie

    My magtag! Hoe lekker is dit om tussen al hierdie pommies met jou in my moedertaal te kan praat!

    Dankie vir die bemoedeging, en sterkte vir jou ook!

    Ek gee nie om al vat dit `n jaaaaaaar nie, ons gan die ding baas raak!

    Mar ek mis darem my boerewors!



    Sweat is fat crying.

  • Hi Lelani,

    I remember on my free days that the following day I could weigh up to 4 lbs higher depending on what I ate but I still managed to loose 15 lbs on my last challenge which I did in 8 weeks - kind of fell off the wagon so yes your free day will make it look like you have gained weight.  I know some people will say don't be to free on your free day but I did mine by the book and Bill said eat what you want and I would have a couple drinks too.  Stick with it and I promise you this will work.  Best of luck to you!