Struggling mentally on day 24...

  • Having some physical problems also but think some of them are because of the mental aspect.

    Fighting the urge to throw in the towel, I have plenty of valid reasons and justifications but I know I will only regret it and be even MORE down on myself if I stop now.

    I am letting other people's views influence me negatively, trying not to but it is hard! They make me doubt myself, doubt my priorities of making this program most important on my to-do-list...

    Then that opens the door for thinking I should concentrate my energies elsewhere, which then distracts me. That results in sub-par performances which only serve to confirm I shouldn't be doing this because I can't... and the whole vicious cycle of twisted all-or-nothing thinking starts again...

    Even though part of me has come to loathe my success journal, I don't want to send it in and get a refund on it. I damn sure don't want to write "I quit" on the cover first either!

    Yet I grow more uncertain of my abilities and feel very weak and scared... sorry, I don't know if this should go here but I don't see a section for the mindset part of things...

    I was doing so great and now am floundering... don't know why exactly and when I try to figure it out, negativity and excuses creep in. I want to get a handle on it BEFORE it stops me or makes me give up, I don't want to give up anymore!

    --- Kitty


  • Kitty

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.  We all have bad days, it's what you decide to do on those bad days that will make or break your challenge.  

    If you allow others the guilt you into action, then what do you stand for?   This is your commitment to yourself, believe in it and follow through.  

    People attempting to influence you are now feeling insecure because you are making positive changes in your life.  They are being forced to look at themselves and their own actions, that's not on YOU.  That's on THEM.

    Hang in there, thicken up your skin and get on with becomming a better YOU!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Kitty-Michelle is absolutely correct...don't let others dictate what YOU want to do for YOU! I struggled with that the first part of my first challenge, worried about what others thought, what they would say, I know what I'm doing is the right thing for me.

    Everyone has those "mental" days, in fact, I'm having one today because of some personal issues, but you know what, I'm pushing forward cause if I quit now, I won't be better tomorrow!

    Fight through this Kitty! Because YOU are worth it!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Kitty - Michelle and Debbie are right.  I was so you once.  I can't I tell you how many challenges I started and did not finish because I let the guilt of me doing something good for me be over ruled by what others thought about what I was doing.  All the negative feedback and seemingly well intended input..."you don't need to do this or you are ok the way you are or you are getting too thin."  They don't understand what this is about.  I felt as if they thought I was better than they were because I made the decision for me.  You've got to focus on what you are doing for you.  This has nothing to do with anyone else.  You are reminding them of what they can do but they choose not to do.  Keep your eye on your payoff for doing something positive for you. :-)  You can do this.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • thank you all for the words of encouragement, it helps counter the discouragement I get from some folks :)

    It is quite a bit more complicated than I can go into here, their hearts are in the right place and they are well meaning... but they are wrong on this and I know it deep down, so, yeah, need to work on not letting others interfere with my progress by getting to me mentally.

    Focus more on what I can do and not what I can't... read my BFL books again... watch my videos again... take care of myself and KNOW that other things WILL fall into place as I become healthier...

    ...getting my head back in the game...ok, trying to get my head back in the game...

    --- Kitty


  • I have at times shared those same feelings. I have done several challenges since 2003 with great results and yet I've never done one perfect! I have missed workouts.....I have had workouts where I haven't given it 100%.....I've had days where I've messed up my diet. Anyone who has successfully completed a challenge will tell you they have "challenges within the challenge". Don't get down on are not alone! I leave you with one of my favourite quotes, "Do you want to wish you had or be glad you did?"

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  •  Kitty,

    First of all thanks for sharing, it's not easy to express true feelings, but honesty is respected.  The very fact that you write this should show you that you honestly care.   We are your support group and you can tell from the heartfelt comments that we feel your predicament.

    I have to say the easiest part is giving up.  It doesn't take much energy.  But the hardest part is when you start to become an inspiration to others, then how can you give up?  Think of the people who have walked before you, believe that nothing comes easy and life will ALWAYS challenge you!  So challenge back!

    You're an inspiration to me as well.  After my morning LBWO I couldn't wait to jump on this site and tell you that I got my times down to 37 minutes before Abs (abs I guess will take longer because I'm trying to hold for longer counts) but wow it got me motivated!

    I also commend you on your bravery.  I am in the middle of Week 7 and prior to that I was scared and wasn't sure of myself that I'd make it.  I was afraid to post anything here for fear that I didn't want to let anyone down if I were to quit.  But now I feel it, and I am being vocal.  I have removed that statement, "I will not quit."  and replaced it with "I WILL SUCCEED!"   Quit is no longer in my vocabulary.  I've quit on so many things in my life for so long.  Right now BFL is THE one thing that is going to be a foundation for my life moving forward.

    You talk about negative people, yup we've all got them.  So what I did, I just didn't let anyone know.  Some friends I won't even talk to until this is done.  They used to call me "Panda" and eventhough in jest, it still stung to my core.   "Don't like it, don't need it, gonna change." 

    So - so what, if they are my true friends they'll be around.  But one thing I know they (right now) are not on my same wavelength.  I am going to surround myself with people who are.  Thanks to the internet, it's easy to find people on the same wavelength.  Yes it's a lonely road.  Even at the gym, there isn't anyone doing the BFL program (or at least at the times I go), but I know someone(s) out there are doing it.  I went to the store earlier to replenish my Myoplex supplies and wow, they were almost completely out, so people are doing it!

    ...and remember, did it ever occur to you that your mind is also part of your body?  It's a muscle too and needs strengthening as well.  It's hard because we can't visually "see" the results.  So treat it as a muscle as well.  Maybe on your free day that needs some relaxing also.   BODY FOR LIFE....every part of your body, to be fit strong, healthy alive and balanced.  SMILE - Don't worry if think you can do it.......You already are!

    So in closing, find it within you to get you motivated.  Don't make it complicated.  Keep it simple.  And just take 1 day at a time.  Sounds weird but CELEBRATE the 24th day, when that's gone it's gone.  You've done all you could and time to move on to 25!   Also if you haven't done so, go to the thread that Jessica-Mighty Max started called Gratitude.  Just be thankful for something simple.  Heck just be thankful Day 23 is done and logged in the books!

    ~Marqui D.  C1W7D45


  • Marqui-Great post!! And I agree the Gratitude is one of the threads that I go to every day because everyone has at least one thing to be thankful for during the day! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...