!st Week in February

  • Good morning February friends,

    I want to confess that week 11 was the most CHALLENGING week in this entire program for me personally.  I have 1,000 excuses because I have counted them all, but, in the end I failed miserably over the last week.  I really was challenged trying to get motivated to get to the gym, felt like I fell on my butt and it really played on me.  I consider last week a loss, therefore today is the start of week 11.  Kind of mulligan of weeks.  I was planning on continuing another 2-4 weeks after the original 12 week end date so I am not going to change that.  I am just planning on going back over week 11.  Hopefully I did not set myself back too far.  I have come so far to go backwards or quit.  Here is to week 11 version 2.0.

    Congratulations to those of you that started the first week of February!  This is week12 for you!  GREAT JOB!

  • Hey Madds,

    I am planning on posting pics in another 3 weeks or so.  Being the tech savvy kind of guy that I am, I was able to recover the deleted pictures from the before picture set.  Ugh… not so good.  I am proud at what I have accomplished so I will put them on for comparison.   Stay tuned for those, or turn away however you want to look at it.. LOL!

  • Good morning everyone,

    Day 2 week 11 version 2...  Back at the gym this morning at 5AM  hit my 10's on the treadmill.  I felt it was a great run!  my knee is barking and I know in a few weeks I am getting it looked at.  I am just powering past it and nothing is going to stop me from the finish line!  Hope you all have a great week!  

  • Hey team well what left of it lol.. work has been killing me soo much that I haven't had time to check in... but still am on track and would be happy to post some pics coming next week..andys thanks again for carrying the team you are the real warrior.. mads I'll be looking forward to seeing your progress as well.. ok team bedtime.. catch you later :)

  • Good morning Feb gang.. Yea like Island_dude said, whats left!  My wife and I are still powering past day by day!  Had an awesome UBWO yesterday.  I hit records in 3 or the 5 muscle groups.  I even stayed strong even though it was my birthday, still hit the gym!  That is something that for my next challenge I will change, I need to really push myself to top at least one exercise from the last time.  I did not focus on that aspect enough this challenge.  It just feels so good to know you are progressing every week.  

    Week 11 version 2 is about over and has been nothing short of a success!  I am happy to say that I did fall down but I got up stronger than before.  

    I will be posting pics also in a few weeks.  I am giving this at least 2 more weeks.  I have a doctor appointment and he may tell me to stop because of my knee…  When I finish I will have pics posted.  I am proud at what I have achieved.  

    Have a great day everyone!

  • I just finished my cardio for the day and had some thoughts I wanted to put out there for you all.  Tomorrow is our last Friday for those of us that started February 1st.  Well January 30th…  It has been an honor experiencing this journey with those of you that are left in this group.  We have all experienced high and low times.  I truly appreciate the support from each and every one of you!  I don’t think this journey would have been possible without the remaining people that are powering on and my wife.  Thank you all for having patience with me, blabbing on seemingly every day.  You all gave advice, support, and your opinions.  

    I am very proud that we made it to the end!  I feel I kind of lost a week over the 12 weeks and my wife lost about 2 weeks.  We have decided to continue on for a few more weeks to get the most out of our challenge 1.  

    I will be checking back in from time to time and when I complete what I feel is my best 12 weeks I will post a new thread with my thoughts on my experience and my pictures.  I will be back around July for a second challenge and already know what I need to focus on and I am excited about getting going on that!

    Have a great night friends!

  • Congratulations First week in February friends!  WE DID IT!  84 days!  AMAZING!  Thank you all for your support and company over the last 84 days.  I cant wait to start my next challenge in July!

  • andys!!! you did it!!! you made it!! you and your wife please send her some congrats from the islands!! I am soo happy for you and thankful I got to share in you journey! Finish your last couple of unofficial weeks and live it up my friend!! I will be looking forward keeping up with you on your next challenge!

    BCTD: I hope you finished strong!

    MADS: Hope you did too.. looking forward to some pics.. Im gonna take some this weekend hopefully there's some change :) aloha guys!

  • I can't believe it !!!!! 84 days!  I added another week to mine because I was sick for almost a week and am making it up. :)

    Andy, you've been such a great support and inspiration during this challenge. I really appreciate you!!!

  • Congratulations Fiesty!!