!st Week in February

  • Group! I am still here! I am sorry I have not checked in for awhile! I have had barely enough time to workout therefore making computer time even more limited.

    Andy-Thanks for being so persistent and not giving up on any of us. You and your wife are kicking some butt.  

    Island dude- Those weights are HUGE. That is all I have to say about that haha.

    BCTD- Glad to see you are still checking in as well! Keep up the good work :)

    Had a rough eating day yesterday but was back on it today. My family goes crazy with food for Easter so self control is going to have to be top notch.

    Ill check back soon!

  • Hey team! quick check in before bedtime.. Made it to the gym last 2 days and had great workouts.. food has been good as well last couple of days just gotta finish the week strong.. Andys, BCTD, Mads, We are almost there .. We are the remaining 5% of people that actually finish a challenge once it starts.. We are in this till the end.. :)

  • Good morning everyone.  My wife and I got our 5AM LBWO in.  She does not even have to work today but still went to the gym with me.  I told her i was going to carry her in her pajama's if she did not want to wake up so she really did not have a choice.  J/K  She is hanging in there set for set, rep for rep right with me.  I am so proud of her!

    Like Mads said Sunday will be a challenge for me as well!  I got home yesterday and my mom and daughters were making homemade peanut butter eggs!  UGH!  I wanted 1, really I wanted 10!  I walked right past them.   Thank you Bill Phillips!  I get to play Easter Bunny Saturday night hiding candy.  It is going to be so hard not to pig out on junk.  This is going to be the most challenging free day/weekend!

    Hope you all are having a great week.  Have a great weekend!

  • Hey gang happy easter to you all.. Did my chest workout at the gym today it was nice and quiet cause of the holiday.. I liked it. hit a personal best on the bench press using the smith machine.. 300lbs for 5! since it was soo slow i decided to document it lol.. check it out. and please don't mind the grunting haha it was heavy..

  • Good Monday morning gang.  Ugh... that about sums up my weekend.  I missed my first workout on Saturday.  I am so bummed out about it.  My eating went down big time starting Friday night and just did not get any better.  I feel like I let myself down and everyone else.  Today is a new day and I am not obsessing over it.  What’s done is done.

    Week 11 starts off with my UBWO my wife and I were at the gym this morning at 5AM to knock it out.  I am thinking these last 2 weeks I am going to do the elliptical for my cardio HIIT training days because I messed up my knee and have been just dealing with it since week 2 but it has made it to a point that it actually hurts to walk on it.  No way am I giving up I think I just need less impact on that leg to finish out the challenge.  Does anyone else do the elliptical or bike for the cardio day?

    Hope everyone had a great weekend and did better than me eating and working out!  Here is to a clean week!

  •  I am begining week 6.  Not familiar with the Smith machine. I'm guessing the weights are controlled - so it's kind of like free weights, but contained?  I've been working out at our local recreation center. Perhaps my last four weeks I will find a Gold's or 24-Hour Fitness or something that has better quality machines. Great picture!


  • Proverbs31

    Hey Andys10 - I love Mondays because they are always new beginnings.. So we start again.  Congrats on your attitude.  I haven't tried the elliptical yet ...but I am getting tired of the tread mill.  Our weather is starting to warm, so I may just start running outside.  Saturday I did my cardio at home just doing burst training - running in place like mad for 18 seconds, resting for 18 seconds,and repeating the sequence four times.  Supposedly it's equal to a 30 minutes cardio trek.   At least I did something. Sunday I had a free breakfast, steak and eggs with hollandaise - yeah, I know. Lunch was a Myoplex shake - not very hungry. Dinner was fairly clean, except I had a glass of wine.  Today was UPBWO I worked really hard. Muscles were quivering when I finished.

    Hopeyou and yours have a great week!   Eat clean, train mean, live lean.


  • Thanks Dee, and WELCOME to the club!  

    Good morning February gang.  Tuesday morning cardio did not happen.  I am planning on a half day at work so I will hit the gym at lunch time.  Then I have softball tonight so really testing out my knee!  I am staying strong and powering over these small road bumps.  

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter.

    UBWO last night went well, but missed Cardio this am.....have to hit it after kids swimming tonight.

    Have a good day all !

  • Good morning friends,

    First I want to give Island_Dude some props on the bench press video.  That is awesome!  I have not yet braved the barbell yet.  I am sticking to the dumbbells for my chest and arms.  How long have you been following the BFL program?  where did you start in your bench press if you don’t mind me asking?

    Day 73!  ahh but who's counting!  LOL  LBWO has to wait until later in the afternoon.  I like my 5AM workouts but I do still enjoy sleeping in when I get the opportunity ;-)

    I had my cardio later in the afternoon yesterday then played softball last night.  One of my goals was to try to re-gain some power with my bat.  (I know it might seem silly but it was one of my documented goals)  well I am happy to report my last 3 games I am seeing some real life in my at bats.  I have had 3 triples, and one in the park home run.  That might be a testament to the training I have some speed back.  That makes me feel great!  Got to love the measurable progress in this program!

    Hope everyone has a great day.

  • I wanted to share one other thing that I have learned over the last 10 or 11 weeks.  We all are doing so well eating and working out I thought it might be interesting to share my experience with my little slip up.  

    10 weeks of eating clean and hitting every work out.  I can come up with many excuses but I take total responsibility for my actions.  I did my workout on good Friday first thing in the morning.  I had to work all day after a stressful 2 weeks.  I was no longer on call dealing with 2AM wake ups…  My parents were visiting from out of town. I love spending time with them.  I will say that my dad and I do enjoy adult beverages, I am more of a liquor guy he likes beer more than me.  We got to talking and he offered me this new drink he started drinking.  I am sure it was full of sugar and had heavy cream mixed in it.  It was delicious but after a few shots I gave up on the diet.  That deflated me and I missed Saturday’s cardio.  Well my wife and I decided to jump back on it on Monday.  Monday’s workout was really hard.  I am saying like week 1 or 2 challenging!  Tuesday’s cardio day was so difficult I cut my distance down by .17 of a mile.  That felt like a huge hit!  I was just gassed out!  I could not believe how much my 2 workouts have been this week.  I hope today’s LBWO feels better.

    I know that properly feeding your body and regularly exercising conditions yourself to be stronger in mind and body.  When you allow yourself to “slip” it feels like a big setback.  I know that I cannot allow myself to do that again.  I just thought it was important to learn from my experience and take it for what it is worth.  This is the Body for Life.  I think I knew hitting the gym 6 days a week would help with the body.  I never understood how a 12 week program translated into Life.  I am happy to say that I totally understand the Life part of Body for Life.  Staying true and working hard gives you the total package Body for Life.  

    Ok I will quit before I sound too much like an infomercial…  

  • Well keeping up with my daily or somewhat daily update status, here is whats up with me.  Last night was LBWO and my wife bailed out as I was on the floor stretching.  She said she was too tired to go.  I grabbed my water bottle and my phone rang.  My softball buddies needed me and the field is like 5 minutes from my house.  I decided to go play softball for an hour instead of hitting the gym.  That means LBWO tonight and I need to run on Sunday, my free day, to get my 6 work outs in this week.  No biggie I will get it.  Eating has been clean and I have had 3 different people comment this week on how different I look!  Cant stop now!  Hope everyone is doing well.  We are so close to the finish line, lets go out strong!

  • Hey gang!! Busy busy busy at work.... last few days.. Andys thanks for keeping yourself accountable and letting us know your trials you are not alone in this.. we all go through it but the difference is that unlike most, you (we) put it behind us and continue..

    To answer your questions, I have been following BFL all of last year. I strayed away from the traditional challenge this time around.. just needed a change I still follow BFL eating (mostly)..I started with dumbbells too and was on it for a while.. my first challenge I maxed out on the 60's for 6 The highest I have gone is 110 for 8 .. I have always been struggling with the barbell and wanted to work on it this time around.. I have been stuck at 225 for a while until I started deadlifting and it seemed to unlock strength and my bench started moving up.. so that was my personal best since i got serious about lifting again.. I used to be a power lifter and actually had a 365lb bench 500lb squat and a 475 lb deadlift. I also was almost 100lbs heavier so I'll take this over that anyday :) anyway time for bed.. aloha everyone!

  • Team,

    I have kept pace fairly well here in the lst 3 weeks, struggling with some personal challenges.  I am proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to my second session, however I am headed to Disney with the kids in a few days for a few weeks and will not be communicating with the group.  Finish strong, and when I return I will look everyone up and maybe we cxan start a BFL 2 Feb 1 Group


  • Group! :)

    I am sorry I have not had time to get on here but I have been doing well!

    I am considering posting some final pics to show the transformation.

    Anyone else daring enough?