!st Week in February

  • Week 9 day 1: over slept.... DANG!  Not really the way I wanted to start our week off.  My wife and I were doing so well for 7 straight weeks going to the gym at 5AM without fail.  dont know what happened the last week but we are sleeping in... I would much rather work out in the morning, but, lately we are becoming a late afternoon/ early evening workout pair..  

    UBWO tonight for us.  

    On the positive side, I did my weigh in on my free day Sudnay.  My total weight loss in 8 weeks stands at 19.5 pounds!  

  • Andy- Congats at the huge weight loss! That is fantastic!

    I hope everyone is doing well!

    I had a rough weekend but I am back on track and feeling good! I tried on a pair of shorts this weekend that were really tight at the beginning of the challenge and they are a lot looser now! Not loose but looser haha. So that was encouraging.

  • Hey team sorry for the absence been crazy with work kids and life in general.. haven't missed any workouts but the food was pretty bad friday and saturday... Sunday started a new and been good the last 2 days.. I have been breaking some records last Friday and today got my military press up to 205 for 8 lbs on the smith machine and my incline bench on the smith machine 225 for 9 dumbell benchpress 100lbs dumbbells got 11 :) All since I started deadlifting again.. Andys WAY TO GO MY FRIEND!! Keep it up!! Mads congrats on the shorts :) BCTD hope u are doing well.. Keep your head up!!

  • Good morning Team,

    I am back on my 5AM workout this morning.  busted out a great cardio session.  I hit 2.18 miles in my 20 minutes but went from 2,3,4,6 on the elevation!  WOW That is killer!  

    Way to go Island_Dude!  Your a beast pressing 2 - 100 pound dumbells for your bench press!  I am up to 2 - 50's lol!

    Good job Mads!  that is a great feeling when the clothes start fitting looser :-)

  • Good morning gang!  I am back in the saddle with my 5AM workouts.  Hit my LBWO this morning.  I have to say I am still a bit sore from my UBWO on Monday!  I must be doing something right!!!  Half way done with the week everyone, lets make them count!  Stay strong and have a great day!!!

  • Hey gang checking in this week is proving tough trying to cover sick calls working day and overnights . ... wreaking havoc on my body.. o well so is life.. andys.. man you are a real inspiration.. Keep rocking it my friend.. Cant wait to see you at the finish line..

  • Team,

    Still hanging in there....its been tough, but hangin on.  I'll update later when I have some time

  • Good morning friends!  Did my cardio this morning and with the new elevation changes I added in my 20 min HIIT training has made a huge difference!  WOW!  I have made it to elevation level 6 and this morning was able to keep a 8.2 MPH pace for 1 minute and that was minute 18 to 19!  YIKES!  I have finally made it back up to where i feel is a good distance almost at 2.25 miles in 20 minutes, but i have added elevation right now i go 2,3,4,6 for my circuit.  

    Have a great day everyone!  

  • Hello BFL friends!  

    For those of us that started first week in February, (well January 30th), CONGRATULATIONS!   1 more workout (if your free day is like my free day on Sunday) and you have completed week 9!!!!!   What a great feeling!  

    My wife and I had an awesome UBWO this morning.  WOW!  Honestly I was still a bit sore from Monday’s UBWO so I had to really push.  I actually experienced total muscle fatigue.  I am talking total muscle burn out.  I was in the middle of my last set of 12 on my bicep exercise and that was it.  I tried to lift it again convincing myself it is a mental wall, yea, no go.  Just totally gassed out.  Welcome to my 10!  

    I cant wait for my run tomorrow and then the weigh in on Sunday morning!  

    Hope everyone is feeling well!  WE GOT THIS!  We can all do it!  3 more weeks.  My geek translator says that is only 9 more cardio days, 5 LBWO, and 3 UBWO.  FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!! Every workout must count as the best one of your challenge!   Good luck on this final push!

  • Hey Gang!  I will NOT let this thread fall to the 4th page again!  Those of us that started the first week in February we are on our 10th week!  WE CANT GIVE UP NOW!

    I will say I had the worst “free day” Sunday since I started this challenge.  Ugh.. felt terrible all day Sunday and still don’t feel the best.  My wife and I did get in our LBWO today.  I know we have to kick it up an extra gear for the final countdown.  Who’s with me?

  • Andy and spouse, you are truely an inspiration and have kept us going.

    I had some personal issues to deal with last week, missed a couple of workouts but other than that have remained on course.

    Back on track with an UBWO to kill tonight.

    Lets wrap it up in style here, as I am headed to Disney in 3 weeks

  • Hey crew Andys like bctd said you are a real inspiration Thank you for checking in when most no one else has.. BCTD finish strong my friend glad u are back on track!!

    I hit a new best today on the dead lift..410 lbs for 3 reps.. no wraps no gloves.. all grip :) was a great high for sure

    One day I might conjure up the testicular fortitude to ask someone to take a pic of me while im lifting it haha.. until then this is the best i can do :)

    again guys.. You are both doing awesome.. We are at the home stretch!! much aloha!! check in later.. aloha

  • Thanks Island_Dude and BCTD.  I dont feel like much of an inspiration, we are just trying our best to knock this out.  My wife has missed a total of 7 workouts, I however have not missed one workout!  We are doing well with the eating and just very happy how we are feeling.  Knowing we came into this with no goals other than finishing I think has helped us take it day by day.  

    We knocked out our cardio this morning and worked up a good sweat!  I have been dealing with Jury duty this week.  That has thrown in a monkey wrench in my normal schedule but 2 days into the week I am making it happen.  so far so good.  

    Stay strong everyone.  We can see the light at the end at this point!!!!

  • LBWO tonight and ate well all day........have a great wednesday

  • Good morning BFL February friends,

    We are the few, we are the strong!  BCTD, Island_Dude, Mads1393, my wife, and I.  I hope I did not miss anyone.  We are in the slim percentage of people that try this program and SUCCEED!  Those of us starting the first week of February are almost done with week 10!  That to me is AMAZING!  I hope everyone else is seeing the changes.  I think we all have been feeling the changes since day 1.  

    My wife and I knocked out our UBWO last night around 5PM because I was just too tired to roll out of bed at 4:30AM.  I have had 2 days of jury duty this week and it has kind of thrown a monkey wrench in on life, that stacked on top of a new boss at work.  It is all good my training over the last 10 weeks allowed me to acknowledge and move on.  Deal with the issues and just power through them.  That being said, we slept in again today so I guess it will be cardio tonight at 5PM…

    We ALL have too much time, energy, and effort invested to even think about quitting.  The finish line is just ahead.  We can see it!  Keep focused and we will all complete this journey together!  

    Make today count!  Hope you all have a great day!