!st Week in February

  • OK team, gonna have some fun tonight (I think we all need it)....follow suit if you'd like.

    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of my 1st 46 days...in reverse order no less:

    The Ugly

    1 - The love handles that dont seem to be disappearing - everywhere else I seem to be shrinking.......there, not so much....how ?????

    2 - 4 of the 6 free days :)

    3 - My before pics....wow !

    4 - My week 4 pics

    The Bad

    1 - My quads the first 3 weeks....ahhhh

    2 - My old eating habits....why did I do this to myself

    3 - Waking my family up atleast once a week trying to tiptoe quietly downstairs for my workout

    4 - Listening to my kids ask me if we were having another baby, while looking at my before pics...haha

    The Good

    1 - How I feel most days

    2 - The motivation this site, fellow members, and past champions have provided....I read one success story a night

    3 - The Feb 1 crew we have here and the support group we have built

    4 - The 3.5 lbs I lost in scale weight all of the sudden this week...after 7 the first 40 days

    5 - My week 12 pics......atleast they better....lol

  • Happy Friday all,

    forgot one "Good"....my UBWO today......I went into beast mode this am and killed it.....took all the frustrations of a crazy work week out !

    Enough said


  • Hey BFL February friends.  We are closing in on completing week 7!  Awesome job everyone!  My UBWO today was a good one.  My new exercise circuits for UBWO and LBWO are feeling really good.  They are taking a little longer than my old routine, they are really getting the burn going!  

    I don’t know how to follow BCTD’s post.  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…  

    The GREAT!

    1) Completed 7 weeks or a new lifestyle.  I have not missed any workout days and have eaten %99.999 clean 6 days a week.

    2) Feeling great!  I am noticing the physical changes happening with my body.  I have had a few people tell me they are noticing the changes as well.

    3) My wife has been at my side, with exception to this week, but she has been right there with me!

    4) So far losing 16 pounds of weight on the scale.  Looking forward to my weigh in on Sunday morning.

    The Good

    1) The friends on this forum, the motivation, the everyday learning experience.

    2) The daily accountability.

    The Bad

    1) 4 of my 6 free days.  I felt bad for 3 days and swear I am not doing it again.

    2) Going to bed by 9:30-10:00PM so I can get up and function at 4:30AM.  Hitting the gym at 5AM every day

    The Ugly

    1) Ugh the before pics that I deleted.  I could not stand to see them.   I did not take measurements…  I really regret that.

  • Hey gang checking in worked the legs yesterday and worked it well lol.. Today however, did not go well... not food wise but just a super hectic day at work and wasn't able to WO but I wont dwell my food was good today and might be able to get it in tomorrow.. Andys Way to go on the progress!!! I hope your partner aka wife is feeling better so she can get back in the game..

    BCTD: I am digging that "good bad and ugly" thus far nice spin on your progress to date!

    for me :

    The UGLY:

    That damn hip and back fat!!!!!! lol.. I still haven't figured that one out yet over a year later haha when u find out let me know!!

    My 1st challenge pics from a year ago still makes me shrill

    The BAD:

    Not seeing any abs pop... yet :)

    Not staying on track 100% of the time

    That voice in my head which still tells me "no u don't have to workout today" I have thankfully learned to block it out but sometimes it can be harder than others

    the GOOD:

    The way I feel when I look at myself in the mirror

    My progress thus far

    The fact that I have succesfully made this a lifestyle!! 14 months and counting!

    Instilling into my children that fitness is happniess!

  • Well, good morning all.

    Wife and I went out for dinner last night...not sure if you guys have "The Keg" in the US, but it is home of some great steaks......I had to indulge.  Glass of red wine and a little bit of desert and look another "Ugly" to add to the list

    Anyways, back at it today....and my wife has even begun working out with me.

    Have a great weekend everyone

  • The Ugly-

    Before pictures. Hands down. How did I ever let myself get to that point?

    Being made fun of for eating healthy. (yes it happens)

    My lack of motivation in the beginning.

    The Bad-

    The way those shorts barely button and squeeze my fat out  on the sides.

    Losing weight everywhere but my stomach.

    Missing some workouts along the way.

    The Good-

    The confidence I have gained.

    The complements I have recieved.

    The inspiration I have been for my family to be healthy.

    Feeling good about myself even though I haven't met my goal yet.

  • UBWO @ 5:30am today - check

    Drop kids off at school - check

    Drive to work - check

    Work - check

    Weight in and don't lose any lbs - check

    Its like that movie 'Ground hog day'

  • Hey gang.. Still here Still progressing BCTD lol.. Your posts always give me a chuckle thank you!! I have been sleep deprived over the past weekend and I haven't quite caught up on that yet but intend to hit that hay as soon as this post is up.. I still hit the gym sunday monday and today.. foodwise has been good past couple of days so I cant complain.. stay strong u guys.. MADS!?  you still rockin?? Take care u guys.. will check back tomorrow.. aloha

  • Hello BFL friends!

    I have been so out of control busy at work lately I have not spent much time on the forum.  

    Confession time…  This morning was my scheduled UBWO and I made my first excuse and missed the gym this morning.  Week 8 and missed my first workout!  UGH!  I am so disappointed at myself right now!  I am going to try my best to get there tonight after the craziness of kids, homework, dinner, and life.  I don’t want to waiver at this point.  I could always use this as my no work out day and then just go strong till next Sunday but, I really don’t want to change the plan.  Hopefully things will go well enough tonight that my wife and I can get over to the gym for our UBWO.  

    On the plus side I played 2 hours of softball last night and felt great!  No soreness at all today.  Honestly that is probably why I was so tired this morning because I was up way past my bed time and it messed up my routine.  I need to get re-focused!  Hope everyone is doing great.  The week is half way over, keep up the good work everyone!

  • Andy- It's okay! NO looking back! Only look forward after you make a mistake or disappoint yourself. I hope that everything calms down for the evening so you can hit the gym!

    I have had a good week so far! I missed a cardio yesterday which was very disappointing. I went from school then right to work, then got home around 10:30 p.m. and started doing my homework and fell asleep! So I did not get my workout in. I struggle with fitting them in on really busy days like that. But I am going to do cardio and lower body both today to try to make up for it.

    I will try to get on here as much as I  can! Some weeks are busier than others! I do read almost everyday! Even if I don't post.  I have eaten clean all week and I have been turning down some unhealthy choices that I am saving for my free day! I am dying for a shammrock shake from McCdonalds. But I think I would feel too guilty even on a free day for that haha.

    Keep up the good work.

  • I just got back from the gym!  I powered past the typical craziness and my wife and i did  out UBWO.  It felt great and we both pushed ourselves hard.  I can say now I have not missed a day yet.  That is a great feeling!  Have a good night, 4:30AM is on its way fast!

  • ANDYS!!! MAJOR PROPS TO YOU AND YOUR WIFE FOR GETTING IT DONE!!!! BCTD Hope you owned the day! Mads thanks for checkin in keep your head up and do what u gotta do.. I hit the gym mix of elliptical and TM with some KB for good measure.. legs are on the menu tomorrow stay strong crew.. aloha

  • Hello BFL friends!  This week has been the biggest challenge so far.  I had some challenges going on at work that really had me stressed.  I started softball Tuesday night so that activity is added into the workout plan, not only staying up late to play ball, I also volunteered to coach.  I over slept on Wednesday morning, I am a get to the gym at 5AM kind of guy and overslept!  I did manage to get into the YMCA to get my Wednesday workout in.  Well I was off the rest of the week sleeping in and working out late in the night.  I just finished my LBWO and really I am happy that my wife and I got it in.  I will be so happy to get in my cardio tomorrow to finish one of the hardest weeks since we started.  I am looking forward to my weigh in Sunday and finishing up my week 8!  I hope everyone’s week went well.  Stay strong!

  • Congrats to those of us starting the first week in February!  Week 8 is DONE!!!!

  • Sorry team, I have fallen off a little.  Ran into some very tough times and missed a couple of workouts and meals.

    Will do my best to forge through