!st Week in February

  • Agreed, great job !

    Free dinner last night and over did it a little, well I guess that is what its for.....but man do I regret it more and more each time.  Not worth it !

    Cardio this am and really struggled due to the dinner last night still hanging around......oh well, go through it.

    Island_dude......for the first time I checked out your profile.....GREAT JOB MAN...you sir are an inspiration !

    Well, March break is here and the kids are off to the grandparents for the week....so a full week of no kids....should be relaxing

  • Beautiful day here in Toronto.  Son's hockey game, then off to the parents (gulp, and its not a free day :O)

    Have a great day everyone

  • Good morning BFL friends!

    Happy week 7!  My wife and I are starting week 7 off with an entire new set of exercises for the UBWO and the LBWO.  Today was the first day of the new exercises.  We were in the gym for a full 52 minutes.  I think we can try to cut that down but first time with new exercises and mixed in some new lifting equipment.  I am blending about 6 exercises with dumbbells and 4 with lifting equipment.   I know that this new UBWO is working, I feel about as sore as I did after week 1!  YIKES!  It is a good feeling.  Cardio tomorrow and I want to try a higher elevation and see how that changes the workout.  

    I will confess that I had the worst “free day” Sunday….  MAN I was bad.  I am paying for it still today.  I feel so bloated.  How could I have lived like that every day before starting this BFL challenge?  Entering the final 6 weeks of this challenge I really have to focus and be much better on the free day!  

    Have a great Monday everyone.

  • On to the second half !

    I had a difficult day yesterday, but battled through and woke up today to begin week 7 with an UBWO like never before....it was quick, hard, and included some modifications like Andys10.  Felt good, but my back appears to have tightened up a little.

    Andys10.......I had that same feeling Saturday morning.  Why did I do this ?  I don't want to feel this way again ?  LOL

    Welcome to the second half all.....now that we know our 9's and 10's better lets all push ourselves.

  • Hello Everyone.

    Apology and Confession time.

    I apologize for not responding ever and giving up on the forum.

    I get on everyday and read everyone's comments but each time I get on I have been too afraid to post. I was too embarrassed to all the sudden come back and post after being absent for so long.  

    I went through an odd stage and I am still trying to get out of it. I struggled a lot mentally the last month due to some outside issues and fell into a serious depression. I told myself everyday "you are fat. you will never be 'skinny'. give up". I have tried to follow the BFL program the best I could but food became my friend when I was emotionally struggling. Needless to say, I gained weight and I now feel lower than ever about myself. I have lost sight of the program and I have not been able to clearly gage my eating and exercising. I am ready to come back and I am hoping to finish the last part of this challenge on a high note with you all. I understand my results may not be the same but I need to start somewhere. I felt like I needed somewhere to come and from reading everyone's posts everyday, I sense such a supportive and encouraging core group here. So I am hoping I can join back in with you all and I am hoping you can all keep me accountable. I really need it. Especially with my eating. That is my biggest downfall because I am not emotionally stable all the time.

    I have done a challenge before and I know I can do it again.

    I just need to refresh myself.

    I am sorry for dumping this all on everybody.

    Best Wishes.

  • Hey Mads,

    in all of my 43 days experience in the BFL challenge I can say this has tested every component of my being.  I work full time, have 2 daughters, my wife and I are new business owners.  I have been so blessed to have my wife by my side with this challenge, and this group to support me.  I have leaned on each and every one of you for help, knowledge, encouragement, and support.  You have done this before and showed amazing results.  You have a strong will and are a beautiful person.  Don’t ever be embarrassed around people that consider you a friend.  We are all or have all gone through the challenging times in life.  The strongest come out a better person.  Keep your chin up, and DO NOT GIVE UP!  Best of luck and let us help support you the rest of the way!

  • Hey Mads, as Andys10 states we are all here to support.

    I have just recently relo'd for the 2nd time in 2 years for work, and it has been the most difficult time in my life, as I felt like I let my family down.  This program and this group has helped me regain myself, and for that I am thankful.  In fact, you don't need to ask to join back in, as we need you just as much as you need us.....lol.

    You have conquered this challenge before, and will do it again !  All of us will be forging on with you, and infact I would be willing to start day 1 again today if you wanted to....just give the word !  May have to celebrate the  6 week milestone a little more than this recent one, but would carry on for the 3rd with you.... :)

    Stay focused and like you said youself, you did it once with amazing results (look at your smile in the after pic) and you can do it again.

    besides - Its more than worth sticking around to hear about one of Island_dudes unbelieveable workouts.......he is truely inspirational.  I have a personal goal to complete 1 Kettlebell workout like he sent early in this forum....yes with the 26 lb (I think it was lb) Kettlebell.  I may be 1 year before I can do it, but I'll be damned if I don't.

  • Good morning BFL friends,

    WOW!  Just finished my first cardio of week7.  I decided to incline the treadmill because I am trying to challenge myself as much as I can this last 6 weeks.  I was totally convinced that it was going to be harder, just not that much harder…. HA!  Well I finished my 20 minute workout but that incline kicked my butt!  I was only up to a 4 on the incline but trying to run at a 7 or 8 mph pace.  I did it but I am pooped out!  

    I had to do the gym today on my own, my wife is sick and needed to take the day off.  I can’t wait for my new LBWO exercises tomorrow!   Have a great day everyone!

  • Andy and BCTD,

    A sincere thank you to the both of you. That gave me the boost I needed. I feel motivated and confident about this. This whole process of BFL is such an emotional battle somedays and I feel like it is up to me to dictate my results. So I am ready. You both even made me cry a little, a happy cry that is.

    I went to the store to buy some myoplex bars today and as I was looking at the nutrition, I noticed it has high fructose corn syrup. I have always heard to avoid that. What do you guys think? I also bought the whey protien which I have never gotten, so I am excited about that!

    I have eaten clean all day and I am getting ready to go do my cardio. I am going to run outside because the weather where I live has been absolutely beautiful so I am taking advantage of that.

    Andy- way to go on the incline! That is definitely a lot harder so job well done!

    I hope your wife feels better!

    BCTD- thank you again. You are so sweet! I will  finish out this challenge with you guys and see how I do! And I have confidence in you for the kettleball workout!

    Thanks again friends!

  • Hey gang! did somebody say my name?? :))

    Mads: though it has been said by the 2 pillars of this thread I am just going to say it again.. That"s what we are here for, the good times and more than that the bad..thanks for getting the strength to post how you were feeling and letting us in on it.. We all are human and have our ups and downs.. The difference between the have and have nots is simply our  conscious decision to not give in and not give up.. You already nailed this once and you can certainly do it again! Andy, BCTD and myself have faith and as u can see we are some great cheerleaders lol.. anyway glad they could help pick you up when you were feeling down Get back on the horse and we will finish this together..

    Been soo busy with life haven't been able to post as often as I should I apologize for that I will make it a point to try and check in at least every other day if not every day! Well Monday was a great chest ripper and did a good number with my triceps as well lol.. This morning I made it to the gym 450 am with one thing on my mind.. DEADLIFTS! It's been years since I have done them.. this has been my second week where I incorporated them  in my routine.. Thankfully I got all the way up to 365lbs for 4 I had one more in me but as I was upping the weight I didn't notice that the bar was rubbing on my left shin every time i lifted so by set 5 rep 4 365lbs I had a nice strawberry forming lol.. O well. battle scars i say :)  I went back during my lunch break to get my cardio in and completed my 20 min circuit using a 16kg (35lb) kettle bell and cooled off with a 10 min elliptical session..

    Andys man thats intense the highest I take it is 2 lol... especially at that speed great work!!!! Im with mads I hope ur partner is feeling better soon!

    BTCD: HUGE MAHALO my friend! Im glad u find my posts inspiring I try and give my all everytime I step in that gym.. I gotta say reading u guys posts is just as motivating for me as well I love to see how you are improving with each passing day like I said You and andys are the  main ones that have been keeping accountable here and keeping this thread alive, and I thank you both for that! O and If it's that combat routine I posted then it's 2 25lb kb's and then there's the single 24kg (52lbs) :) there is a six min tabadda style WO I do with that one Id be more than happy to post it if you guys are interested.. anyway it's bedtime! Have a great day team much aloha!!

  • Good morning BFL friends!

    WOW!  All I can say is wow!  I changed all of my exercises this week for both UBWO and LBWO.  Honestly I am still feeling my Monday UBWO this morning!  This morning was the LBWO.  I did squats for the first time in a few years.  After my 40 minute LBWO I feel like week 1 this morning my legs are carrying me around in slow motion!  I would say it was time to change things up, I have not felt this way for a few weeks after a LBWO.  I am really excited about both UBWO and LBWO circuits I have put together.  

    Island_Dude sounds like your still killing it in the gym!  Good work man.  You have me really interested in your kettle ball workouts.  Might have to try to mix that in for my second challenge.  

    Mads I am honestly flattered that you said I helped you in any way.  I am really happy you are jumping back into this thing.  I use the myoplex light shakes and whey protein along with some protein bars.  I picked up all of my supplements at Sams Club and I just noticed that my bars also have the fructose corn syrup in them.  I have heard to stay away from that also.  This is what I did notice, the fructose is listed in the middle to bottom of the ingredients listed.  I have always been told that the ingredients are listed in order of how much of that ingredient is in the product.  So if it was listed as one of the top 3 or 5 things then I would think that is less healthy than if it is listed in the bottom 3-5 ingredients.   I honestly have no idea if I am even close to correct, but this logic helps me justify the bar.    

    Have a great day everyone!  Lets stay strong and focused!

  • I can't get over how great you are!

    I don't have much time to type today but I'll give you a quick update!

    Feeling good today! I ate well and got a good lower body workout today!

    So I'm feeling positive right now!

  • Good to hear Mads.

    For me, I had a huge challenge the last 2 days.  My sons hockey tourney....away from home...yikes

    We ate out, but I only ordered what seemed right (chicken pita's, sandwich, ect.) and worked out in the am before leaving and tonight upon return.....wow, never thought I could do it, but I did !

    I am struggling with some things this week, and this program is keeping my mind off of them.

    btw - soms team won the B championship

    Island_dude - 2 25 lbers....are you kidding me.  2014 here I come !

  • Alright gang checking in wednesday eve,

    Mads: glad you got your head up and made it happen today! Thanks for adding me MFP I am still really new at that but have found it pretty cool as another type of accountability I have a few friends from the warrior thread who keep me in check when i start falling off (foodwise).. so it's a great help..

    Andys: Great job on changing it up its essential in my opinion to do it. Our bodies are amazing at  adapting so its the only way to really spark growth, keep the muscles guessing.. and as far as kettlebell training I'd be more than happy to share with you what i know and have learned since picking one up about 5 months ago.. My first 3 challenges I was mainly running and on the elliptical then a friend of mine mentioned it and i had this blank look on my face saying "what the hell is a kettlebell" lol.. anyway researched it on youtube found my first one on clearance and the rest is history.. I still run not as often since i do a lot of circuit training but I can honestly say that when i do run I still can get my 3 miles in under 30 mins :)

    BCTD: I swear you crack me up lol.. I started with a single 20lb and slowly but steadily worked my way up to that 52lb :) and can do double 25's at the moment I also have a set of 30's but haven't gave them a go yet.. plan to though. I really really love those things if you couldn't already tell lol..

    and now today: stayed away from the weights today and just went for a good ol fashioned 20 HIIT BFL style run at a walking/jogging track during my lunch break. Managed to get 2.3 miles in my 20 mins first mile came in at 9:04 and second at 9:02 so close to that 8 min range.. I will admit it was a tough one pretty windy today and running into the wind just kicks it up a notch thankfully the wind was at my back half the time and I was running into it the other half lol.. evened out.. anyway time for dinner My food today was spot on and gonna finisht the night that way. O and here's some kettle bell entertainment for you guys :)



    This is that 6 min tabada style Workout simple swing/high pull/ snatch. Incase you are wondering what tadada style is basically 20 seconds on 10 seconds off.. usually this would run 4 mins but this particular W/O is 6 but believe me when i say if you do it right with enough resistance you will be gasping by minute 5 and sweating profusely lol...



    This video shows some of the kettlebell exercises that i do for my circuit routine I usually do 20 minutes non stop changing movements every 30 seconds the cardio app i use allows me to set it to talk to me every 30 seconds so I know when to change and I also keep updated on time passed and calories burned.. pretty awesome. I also ad in burpees pushups and a variety of crunches using the kettlebell as well... ok time for dinner garlic glazed baked russett potatoes and a nice lean Newyork steak accompanied with some fresh tomato slices and a Giant frosty glass of water :)





  • I think Island Dude you have convinced me that the kettle ball exercises are a must for my C2!  I am planning on starting that some time in June.  Thanks for the videos!

    I had an all day marketing event for work today.  I managed to get up and kill it on my cardio this morning.  Back up to 4 on the elevation and running at a 8MPH pace at one point.  I am still feeling it!  I ate clean even away from my normal packed lunch.  My wife is still not feeling well so she has now missed 3 days in a row this week for her.  She is so bummed out, but i keep telling her she will get back on the wagon as soon as she starts feeling better.  hopefully tomorrow i will have my gym partner back!

    Hope you all have a great day!