!st Week in February

  • Hey gang, Day 3 in the bag.. Got to the gym a little late which completely threw off my schedule so I didn't do my LBWO instead jumped on the elliptical and did about 25 mins.. got a good sweat going before work then got what i needed to get done at work and took a breakfast break back at the gym and hit my LBWO hard! I had a little jelly leg syndrom going on :) Im sure I will be feeling it by Friday for sure!

    Nursegirlmandy: Thanks for the compliment Solo on the TM I know the feeling of literally gasping for air trying to hit that 10 and thinking also if I slip up and go face first on this treadmill going 8.5 mph beneath my feet.. It would not end well haha,and lol.. yeah sounds like withdrawals indeed lol Keep on going!!

    Kabbott: Yes it works for me as well.. draggin my butt outta bed is the biggest challenge.. but once im there Im good :) If i do miss it my lunch break then becomes my workout break..

    Andys: Thank you too for the kind words.. Even I was suprised when i finished.. I started at 6 then upping it to 7 topping off at 8.5 mph then backing it down again once the breathing was starting to get out of hand.. I was able to hold the 7mph speed for about 3 or 4 mins before going up a notch again.. and holding it for as long as i could before going back down a half mph till I was back at 6 at minute 29 It was a flat run so I wouldn't expect to get the same time on the real road.. but it still was nice to do :)

    Well almost time for bed for me.. Kettlebell circuit training tomorrow.. wooooo!! stay strong everyone!

  • Good morning BFL February group!  Day 4 has been a success!  I was really looking forward to the challenge today I have to admit.  I knew I had some work to do focusing on that 18-20 mark on the run.  I felt I could have given it more the first run.  I am happy to say that I did manage to run a bit farther I hit 1.84 miles in my 20 minutes.  I still am struggling with that 18-20 minute mark.  I feel that I did not hit my 10 running today.  I really need to push myself in the closing minutes of this run!   I will get it on Saturday!

    Eating was my biggest concern going into this challenge.  I am very happy to say that has been the easiest adjustment.  The portions are already getting smaller, this morning I could not even finish my toast!  I know we should not be watching the scales, but I have been weighing myself every night at the same time and as of last night I have already lost 5 pounds!  IN 3 DAYS!  I can’t begin to tell you all how motivated I am with the results so far!

    My wife is a champ!  She is still keeping up with me at the gym, she is struggling with some issues with her diabetes but she is powering thru it!  

    The only setback for me at this point is I think I have tweaked my left bicep on Monday.  It has not been right since lifting.  I am sure it was a technique problem, I am going to be careful with that tomorrow, but other than that BRING IT ON!

    Happy Thursday everyone!  Stay strong!

  • Good Morning everyone!  Day 4 workout done.  Had turkey tacos last night well I guess more of a burrito since it was in a whole wheat tortilla - i love this meal and again I have leftovers.  I think making extra keeps me from having something I shouldn't because then I always have a meal ready in the fridge.

    Andy - we must run at almost the same speeds because I was at 1.85 at the 20 minute mark but I too feel like I need to increase my speed at every level and break throught the 2 mile mark - that is my new goal for the next few runs.  Way to go on the weight loss - that is so awesome!

    Island Dude - is the kettleball circuit a class you take?  I am interested and have heard great things about it.

    Hope you all have a wonderful day!  

  • Good morning!!! Happy day four.....promised myself I wouldnt get on scale but couldnt resist this am and I'm down 5lbs whoo hoo @ nursegirlmandy how are your arms? My legs feel like rubber bands can barely go down the stairs keep up all the good work everyone 80 days to go!!!!!

  • Morning to everyone, had a good cardio today but pretty sore from the first week, thank god they have a railing on the steps so I can use it to pull myself up the stairs. Keep up the great work and pushing forward :)

  • @ island dude very impressed by your speed on treadmill I'm lucky if i keep a steady pace at 5 my only saving grace in my mind anyway is that I'm going up hill at 9 one of these days!!! Keep up the good work

  • Day 4, not as strong as others on this link....I can barely walk after first LBWO......lol

  • @ BCTD...i know what you mean, I see people posting how long and fast they run...i'm sooo out of shape compared to everyone else here.  But hey, everyone has to start somewhere!

    @ Bitts my arms hate me right now...especially my triceps. My upper body is so weak its pathetic.  However, I'm bound and determined to get rid of all my arm flab.  I want to have elbows again...not dimples where my elbows should be!  Maybe I'll actually wear tank tops this summer :)

  • Hi,  I'd like to join your group.  I finished a challenge 2 years ago and LOVED the results.  I started 2 days ago.   Hope to get to know you all.

  • HI Guys! I'd like to join, I'm planning on starting my challenge on Monday the 6th. Just wondering what version of the book everyone has? Are the books specific to 'just men' or 'just women' better?

    I'm hoping the book goes through all the different exercises to do and correct foods to eat because I need a LOT of guidance!  Good luck to each of you!!

  • Welcome Koren - glad to have you.  I started on Monday.  I have done this in the past too and you are right the results are amazing.  

    Tonight I made fried rice - another one of my favorites.  I did brown rice and took a little bit of safflower oil with egg and veggies and added a bit of soy sauce and added some chicken that I browned in a pan with garlic- really good and again the family loved it.  You can't even tell it is brown rice but I have been eating brown rice for years so maybe if you are use to white rice but still you should try it.  I make the rice ahead of time so that way I have it in the fridge ready to add all the other stuff.  I sometimes just add stir fry frozen veggies or if I have fresh stuff on hand I will use that.  

    Anyone tired today.  I was lucky in that my 3 year old and my little one ( she will be 1 next week but I can't say she is one yet - it makes me sad) took a 2 hour nap today at the same time - so I grabbed an hour of sleep this afternoon and I am tired again.

    Have a great night.

  • Hello all!  Wow, so many motivated and positive people!  I'm not able to be on here too often but I will definitely try to check back at least weekly.  How great it is to see so many responses.  I started BFL about the same time as many of you.  I'm at the end of week one.  Going strong!  Nice to be back to BFL again (my second time).  One of my best experiences ever!  Looking forward to a short run tomorrow on the trail around the lake.  Might even rain a bit!  Exciting!  Good luck to you all!  Have a great weekend!

  • Greeting people! The dude frome the 50th state checking in.. Hit the gym 5am damn it was hard to roll my (you know what) outta bed! Once i was warmed up I was good.. did some elliptical for about 7 mins and started on my circuit..

    Kabbot: I kind of came up with this myself.. I was getting bored with running and elliptical and was introduced to kettle bells since then I have fallen in love with those things lol.. so what I basically do is a combination of kettlebell movements along with body weight exercises.. calestenics *burpees, pushups, crunches, leglifts, and I switch movements every 30 seconds and go without stopping for 20 minutes. I had to stop twice today though it's been a while since i tried it being that i was on post surgery rest for 2 weeks.. It really gets the heart racing and the sweat pouring.. literally..

    *a quick side note for all you newbies Dont fret over not feeling as how shall i say "athletic" as others I myself have been doing bfl for basically the entire year last year finished 4 challenges and this is my 5th, when i started I barely could cover 1.3 miles doing the 20 min HIIT my personal best so far is now 2.7 over land and 2.6 on the TM.. My first challenge I had a dumbbell bench press 6 rep weight of 55lbs.. no I can push the 110lb dumbbells for 8.. Im not trying to toot my own horn just saying that if you truly follow BFL and truly devote yourself You will achieve more that you could have ever imagined.. and not just physically mentally spiritually everything.. ok im done lol..

    Koren, CBOD, welcome to the group we got a good vibe going on and lets keep it that way we are here for all the good.. and the bad.. post as often as u can and let us know how things go.. it motivates us as well..

    O and for the record I too am in ALOT OF PAIN hahahahaha one thing is certain Its work to build it but if one statement reigns true regarding muscle it's this "use it or lose it" 2 weeks of doing nothing and almost one week back at the weights and training and I am hurting like the rest of you.. it will subside and be much more tolerable haha it will I promise.. ok alright back to work.. aloha everyone stay strong.. big heart strong mind!

  • O yeah Kabbot: Have u ever tried making your fried rice recipie using quinoa instead.. I absolutely love it!! ok im gone again lol aloha all

  • Friends!

    Sorry I can not be on here more!

    This morning was the first time ever in my BFlL history that I got up early and did my workout before my day started. It was awesome :)

    I loved it and I feel very accomplished!

    I have to go but Have a GREAT day everyone!