!st Week in February

  • Day 2 in motion.....good to see such strong energy within this group

  • How is everyone feeling after day number 2?  

    I am still sore from my lifting day on Monday.  I guess it is expected.  Todays cardio was great, it felt really good running.  I clicked up 1.77 miles in 20 minutes.  The diet is going well, i dont feel hungry and i am drinking a TON of water.  

  • Hi, im new here, I will start on monday february 6th :) It will be nice to have some support here

  • Day 3 down for me, today was much better than yesterday now that I have the eating figured out.  

    Andys10- my arms are still VERY sore too! I just hope they feel better by the time upper body day rolls back around.   :)

    WooHoo!! Go us!!!

  • Looks as everybody is doing great! Remember one step at a time and we will reach the goal! GREAT WORK !

  • I love the positive encouragement and energy on here :)

    Well done on completing another day everyone.

    Don't you like the feeling of those sore muscles? :) it reminds you of the changes your body is already making!

    I did well today and it was refreshing to have a clean day!

    I will be testing my self control as I just got a job at a cupcake shop haha.

  • Hi I'm new here,too...can I hop on this positive train????  Will need to refresh eating part and set the workout again....

  • Alright FeB peeps Got to the gym 5am eyes still half shut but got on the TM and lo and behold there was a "5k" option on it I really want to run a real one so I figured Id give this one a go hence i know It's not real road but its a start :) Happy to say that even though I walked for the first 3 minutes I finished the treadmill 5k in under 30 mins got my heart pumping and sweat pouring well into the start of my work day .. ME likey lol. second day in a row where the nutrition was on point! anyway stay strong everyone.. half way point of week one in a few hours.. well for me anyway.. O and Mads.. best of luck to you on the new job and the new temptations lol we are strong YOU are strong you will overcome.. aloha all

  • Hey Island_Dude, GREAT JOB!  on the 5K!!!  Man doing a 5K under 30 minutes is booking!  I ran 3 last year and was around the 33-39 minute mark!  Good run man!

    Day 3 workout in the books!  Today was lower body, honestly i was really looking forward to this one.  I feel my lower body is stronger than my upper body.  I put the workout together and noticed that only 4 exercises instead of the 5 that was recommended with the upper body workout.  I did not think that was enough so I added some sit-ups with a medicine ball on the plan.  Well, I am hear to report that the lower body workout was a good burn!  I honestly felt that 2 of the 4 exercises I hit my 10!  I know what it feels like!  Needless to say at the 46 minute mark this morning I had to throw in the towel.  I did all 4 recommended exercises but did not complete my planned medicine ball sit-ups.  We just ran out of time.

    I am so proud of my wife!  She is right there with me trading reps and putting it all into it!  It is so good having a gym partner!

    Bring on day 4 cardio!!!

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Happy day 3!!!! boy I was really sore yesterday and today and must have been living in some sort of fantasy land thinking this wasnt going to be so bad! Struggled with everything yesterday but made it!!! hope everyone is doing well!!! The support from this forum is what keeps me going so THANK YOU ALL!!!

  • @ bitts, I am still sore from my upper body workout on SUNDAY....it will be time to do them again tomorrow, keeping my fingers crossed that they feel better by the morning.

    @ Andys10, that is so awesome that you and your wife are doing this together.  does she post on the boards too?  

    @ Island_dude, way to go on that run!  I do just over a mile and feel like I'm about to die....I was actually thinking this morning that I'd be up a creek if something did happen to me on the treadmill cause I was the only one at the gym at that time.  

    @ Mary, welcome to our group!!

    @ Mads, can we say glutton for punishment?  I'd never make it being around cupcakes all day!! But I have faith in you!!  Every time I see cookies and stuff in the break room, I steal a piece of paper out of the copy machine and cover it up so I don't have to see them..lol.  A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!!

    Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!!

  • @ Nursegirlmandy

    No my wife does not post on the forum.  I think she might be interested in the facebook group, hopefully we will join that.  That will help her seeing the group going through the same stuff.  

  • Happy Wednesday.  Day 3 workout - I did upper body today - my arms already are sore.  I actually feel good - tired at night but that could be running after a 3 year old and an almost 1 year old.  

    Mads - good luck with the new job.

    Mary - Welcome to the group!

    Isalnd Dude - I get up at 5 am too to work out so I know how you feel.  It is the only time I can guarantee the girls will be asleep and I can focus on me!

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  • This will be my third time. Just started today. Did not reread book yet. I did not even work out. I just committed myself by signing up and took befor pics. This time I will keep the body I want for life! Good Luck to all in our group!!!

  • Hehehe.....I'm smelling food that isn't even here....must be part of the withdraw process.  :)

    @Andy....I didn't know we had a facebook group, I wanna join!!  :)