!st Week in February

  • I borrowed it from a friend.  you can pick it up on Amazon i think it is around $18.

  • Cool, thanks. I will look into it.

  • I see there are two versions of the book one for men and another for women. I'm guessing the same kind of content in both?

  • I have the book but it is an older version and it is written for men and women so I am not sure about the newer version.

  • Hello everyone had a pretty good first day only problem I had was trying to figure out how to eat and run to the bathroom every 5 min at work...responsible for 5 infusion patients in a room by myself just cross your fingers and pray for me one of them doesn't go south on me while I'm on a potty break :) other then that still excited and really full for being on a "diet" hope everyone had a great day as well!!!!

  • @ Bitts, you were full all day? I must be doing something wrong because I was hungry all day!!

  • I think its all the water I must have drank like 80 oz. already I never really ate a lot to begin with just the wrong food. Put a cupcake or a steak in front of me and before you blink the cupcake is gone :) i had egg whites 2 shakes small salad 2 clementines and tuna on whole wheat and cottage cheese for the day right now I'm good LOL I should probably go to bed now and not ruin it ;]

  • Wow was surprised to get so many comments.I wil be officially starting Monday the 6th.Gotta get out in my garage and dig out my weights,reread BFL, and plan menus. Gonna be good. I have attemted this a whole lot of times.This is my time.

  • Had a good day 1 and ready for my cardio tomorrow.  Made a chicken stew tonight soo good - lots of veggies - the whole family loved it.  Perfect for me all the way down to my almost 1 year old and the great thing is I will get another nights dinner and leftovers for lunch for me too!  Haven't done my measurements or weight yet but will try to do that by weeks end and then share results so you can all hold me accountable.  Hope everyone has a great night!

  • Great work everyone :)

    I'll admit that I sucked today. I went to school then right to a job interview then right to my current job . So I got home at 10 and had to do homework. It's safe to say that was the worst starting day ever.

  • Hey gang Started day one with a bang.. hit the gym 5am sharp got the heart pumpin before work.. did some kettlebell swings along with treadmill running... went to work worked 10 hours and went back to do my UBWO Took it easy with the weight easing my way back.. Eating has been stellar for today I plan on making the week clean!

    Mads: hey girl sh*t happens you have conquered before and you will do it again. We both know that persistence is what is key..

    Kabbot: Good deal on the stew.. great tasting and left overs sweet!

    Daddyb: You can do this I failed quite a few times before i completed my first challenge believe me once you stick it out and finish it and see what you can achieve when you commit your mind body and soul to it you will be amazed at what you are able to accomplish..

    Well time for bed.. HIIT tomorrow gonna try and make it again before work..

    EVERYONE, THIS IS THE START OF A NEW US!!! make everyday count..


  • Wow 2 days in upper body still pretty sore but a good sore! Cardio was tough this morning but got it done, only 82 days to go, keep smiling everyone.

  • My upper body is still sore also but it makes you feel you did something.  I enjoyed the cardio this morning!  Diet went well yesterday, lots of water!  not really feeling hungry so I am excited!  

  • Day 2 cardio workout done - I forgot how much I enjoy running - even more so when I am done.  =) I feel great!  

    Mads - I know how you feel but like Island Dude says stuff happens and you can rock this as you have done in the past - nice results by the way!

    Daddyb - I did not see my last challenge through but our past mistakes don't define us.  We can do this.

    Hope all of you have a great Tuesday.  Make it count.  

  • I am Starting Tomorrow Taking my Measurements Weight and Pictures tonight!