!st Week in February

  • LOL was thinking the same thing?

  • Hey everyone Id like to join in with this group of determined people! I have been inactive the last 2 and a half weeks due to a recent surgery, being that I couldn't do anything but eat and sleep for the better part of a week and a half I am ready to get back on the wagon again.. and am looking for some support I have been following BFL for pretty much the entire year last year and I have made great progress.. I still have a ways to go and will continue my journey this year.. I still follow BFL weight training and eating but have since changed up cardio for me.. anyway.. Wishing you all the best.. Stick to it people..it can be done!! Much aloha all :-) Im starting tomorrow 1/29

  • you'll be more sore tomorrow...  did you do a full workout?   Do you know what your pain threshold is?  Mine is 48 hours, that's when I hurt the most and then it gets better, but then you're doing another workout...so there we are...lol

  • Hey, Island Dude..  What Island are you from?   Kudos to you for not letting your surgery keep you down.

  • @Ianiki....i did the full upper body workout.....like you I am usually the most sore 2 days later. At least 2 days from now I will be doing the lower body work out....so by the time upper body rolls back around i'll be all better and ready to get sore again :)

  • Ianiki: I am From and still residing on the big island of Hawaii.. Thanks for the comment I have been in a real active lifestyle for the last year basically and wow talk about shocking the body lol.. I was literally going crazy not being able to get out and do somthing.. not to mention all the old habits really start to creep into the head.. Im back on track and ready to make some major changes in the next 12 weeks.. I look forward keeping up with you all as well as pushing those that need it! For soreness My threshold is 48 hours as well.. lol.. .especially after legs the next day they are a little sore and i think I didn't work them hard enough then comes day 2 and then i get the reminder .. that yes.. I did lol.. have a great day all

  • Yes those were my 12 week results! My 8 week mark is actually when I noticed change. My 6 week anda 8 week photos are drastically different! So you have to work hard the whole time and not give up! Even though it WILL be frustrating at times.

    Here goes day one for me. Good luck everyone :)

  • Today is my day 1 & I'd love to join you guys!  I'm so excited (and nervous!) to start this! @ Mads1393, I had to see what the others were talking about & oh my goodness!  You did so great & it's so inspiring to see the pics!

  • Just started day 1 - can I join you guys.  I need to update my profile.  I have done this before but the holidays and beyond have gotten me off track and I need to get back to what works.  Finished workout one - I actually started with my lower body today.  

  • Good mornig February BFL people!  My wife and I started today.  I am so excited to see the activity of this community!  It is such a great way to find support!

  • ...on board for Feb. 01st....(tomorrow - grocery shopp'n...food prep time!) Any other takers??? Daddyb...you still in?

  • I agree...no nay-sayers here! <><................

  • I'm impressed! You are definitely an inspiration for us...glad you are on this "go-round" with me! Any advice...most appreciated. Thanks Mads (o;

  • I'm in as well.  Have yet to complete a full 12 weeks, but here goes

  • Where did you guys get the book at?