!st Week in February

  • I have few things to take care of before I can begin but anyone interested in starting a Challenge the 1st week of February.

  • We are starting the challenge on Wed, Feb 1st.  What day did you set for yourself?

  • I'm starting tomorrow, so I will be just a couple days ahead of you guys, but I'd like to join!

  • Yeah!!  Good for you!!.  I need to refresh myself with the book and set up a workout schedule.  It'll be good.  

  • I start tomorrow too! :)

  • I will be starting tomorrow as well !!!!

  • WooHoo, go us!  Glad I'm not doing this alone! :)

  • Awesome! I'm starting today too.. Got some tendinitis in the knee so I won't be doing the cardio but Workin on healing that but good luck to everyone!

  • So I did my first upper body workout.....I could barely hold my arms up to steer the car when I left the gym.....I wonder what they are gonna feel like tomorrow.  :)

  • what size weights did you use? I attempted 5,10,15 could barely finish the last with that amount of weight will try next arm session at less weight :(

  • Hello!

    Can I join you all on your weight loss journey?

    I start tomorrow!

    I have done a challenge before but I gained some weight back and really need to get back on track.

  • I start Monday myself! Again after a heavy lifting season a month off now to get back to being lean and tone!

  • @ mads1393 the more the merrier!!!! need as much help as possible to stay on track. I saw your pics you look so good was that done in 12 weeks????

  • The more the merrier!!!  Looking forward to getting to know all of you over the next 12 weeks :)

  • @ Bitts.....great minds think alike!!  lol