Week One Success!

  • I know the week isn't over but I feel so good about the past 4 days!  Usually I really start to struggle about Wednesday and this week I feel like that didn't happen.  I attribute part of it to this forum where I get continuous reminders throughout the day that I'm not the only one trying to accomplish something that can be a challenge.

    Hope everyone else has felt successful and supported this week.  I'm looking forward to doing well through the weekend also.  I'm committed to taking one free day not the whole weekend as a free day.  We can do this!



    One meal, one day, one workout at a time.

    Break down the fun into small steps. Before you know it, you will have completed ONE WHOLE WEEK of clean and your body will thank you. :)

    You are worth it.

  • I read your profile and am so impressed!  Sounds like you have done great at staying committed and not backing away.  What have you thought or done to keep you committed and disciplined for so long?


  • Hey Karen - Im 45 and have done it all. BFL is by FAR the best program that ever worked for me. AND I have learned to stay connected with like minded people from all over to stay motivated. Betweeen here and FB I am in constant touch with "help" and support. :)

    By no means was the first few challenges easy. It took many weeks of ups and downs to keep my head on straight. OH BOY the detours I took. LOL.  But they all lead to here.....

    Keep those space boots on - shoot for the moon lady!

  • Legs, I had to go read your profile since Karen said she was impressed.  I saw your first photo and thought, "Wow, she does look great!"... and then I realized that was your BEFORE photo?!  Good heavens, your abs in the next pics are amazing!

    It's good to read about folks who have kept at the challenges for a while.  And Karen, major props to you for getting through that Wednesday hump and still feeling great.  We're going to be fit like Legs some day!  (Although I think she should change her name to Abs!)

  • That is sweet Jen, but here's the thing. Much to BFLMike's disgust, back in the day, I chose that name because it is what I have ALWAYS hated about my body. Still do in fact. When I started BFL I thought - pfft, in 12 weeks I will shed fat here, here and here......

    Silly me.

    Im like paper towel and the roll is coming off in layers. My legs will be the ultimate LAST.

    On the flip side, my arms, back, abs, thighs, butt - even my neck look better. LOL. Still, I am working on getting the very stubborn fat off my calves.

    I guess I am telling you this not to discourage, but to ENcourage you. If there is a part of you that you wish to develop, build, or lose fat from, dont give up when it doesnt happen on YOUR TIME. Let the magic of BFL happen on ITS TIME. On YOUR body time. While you are waiting for IT to happen, all these other good things happen to your body. You will see and find muscles that will appeal to you, and keep you motivated. Because if I can see my shoulders seperate into 3 different striations when Im doing lateral raises I just KNOW there are things happening in my calves as well and they WILL get their turn.

    I didnt think I would have to keep at it this long in all honesty, but when I look back, I was not the BFL A student. I passed and failed numerous times. If it werent for the great loyal friends I have met along the way, and their persistance, I would be right back to where I was, if not sadder.

    There may be days when you want to give in, feel comfortable again. Satiate yourself with food/drinks whatever....and that is ok.......just dont ever feel alone and helpless. Come back to these pages and read and get inspired. There are a million people out there just dying to be the them they wish to be and it will take time. Fill your head with positive visions for yourself. Read positive. Hang out with the positive. Lose "friends" that drag you down.

    We have the time....let's use it to our advantage.

    Where did THAT come from!!  ;)

  • This is why I need to stay connected here! I need to see and read examples like you Legs! Your inspiring!!