Anyone Else Starting January 23rd? I NEED TEAM MATES! :D:D

  • nelli2255- Congrats on the pregnancy! I agree with Wisewoman44. Eating right is more important. Talk with your doctor about a pregnancy friendly workout routine.

    TerrenceCA- let us know how the new workout routine works for you. I did a bootcamp for a year and a half. I loved it. You get a great workout from it!

    Wisewoman44- Cardio is no fun! To make it more interesting. Try doing a few cardio exercises like 10 min on the bike, 5 min on the row and 10 min on the treadmill. But make sure you push to your 10's on each machine and don't take a break between machines other that the time it takes to get and set up each machine. Just a thought.

    lmof1971- Great results ending your 9th week! Keep up the great work! I too will be doing another challenge at the end of this one. I will however meet my short term goals in this challenge and my long term in my next challenge.

    jodig89- I am glad you are happy with the results you are seeing this far. Any positive result is good. Keep it up. I tend not to use my free days much anymore. I may splurge on a meal but I make sure my portions are in control. Just because I am allowing myself a not so healthy food doesn't mean I have to eat as much of it as I can. Besides what happens with me if I do that, I end up spending the whole first half of the next week trying to lose what I ate that one meal. So not worth it!

    Keep up the great work everyone!   


  • Hi guys!

    Is anyone still doing the challenge?

    My last week is not going as planned, my nutrition is off and my workouts have been different. I am traveling this week visiting family and the gyms here are different than what I'm used to. I have just had to make some adjustments with my routine. But even though my nutrition has been off this week, I did not miss any workouts.

    My first challenge, I didn't see as many results as anticipated, but I still saw results. On Monday I will start my second challenge. I figured since this week has been off my normal routine I will count this week as my active rest week between challenges.

    My second challenge, I will be including a bootcamp class is my first 4 weeks of my C2. I did this class about a year or so ago and had a blast. I think this will help me break through my plateau and give me the extra push and motivation to get through another challenge.

    To keep me motivated and have another goal other than losing weight. I will be signing up for a military challenge with some of my friends from my bootcamp class. A military challenge is like a Warrior Dash. It is a 5k-8k with obstacles and lots of mud throughout the run.  I did this 2 years ago, it was my first marathon ever, and this time I want to demolish my previous finish time.

    I hope you are all doing well in your challenge and in your lives. If not, it's not to late to start again. It's not about falling it's about getting back up! Together we can do this!



  • Hi Zavi!

    If you are starting a new one Monday, I will start with you! Are you going to stay on this forum or make a new one? Let me know!

    I have kinda fallen off the wagon. My husband had knee surgery and found out his company was closing in the same week. I have been his chauffer taking him to physical therapy, doc appts, interviews, etc. Along with my kids being on Spring break. I know these are pathetic excuses, but I honestly was too tired at the end of the day to move. I have been doing all of the things around the house my husband usually does plus everything else. However, I did manage to keep my eating in check. and believe it or not, I quit working out 4 weeks ago and still lost 5 lbs. I am not convinced I am losing all muscle because I am still keeping my protein levels up and eating 6 meals a day. I have lost a total of 18 lbs on the BFL challenge. I was hoping for 25 but I will try again. At least I am out of my maternity clothes and I gave them all away.

    Anyhow, I am ready to get back to work. All new challenge. Another 25 lb goal. I like these challenges and they make sense to me. I make a huge batch of Turkey chili every week and eat it over spinach and in tortillas and I am not sick to death of it yet. I enjoy my egg white omelets and oatmeal in the mornings as well. SO LET'S DO THIS!!

    If we start Monday we will be done July 9th. My big beach vacation/family reunion is on July 15th. I need this! Last year I wore PANTS all summer long, even in 100 degree heat. I was so ashamed and never want to feel that way again! It is better to feel sore than sorry!!! The pain of being overweight is far worse than the pain of working out!!

    I am psyched! Whooo hoooo! Shorts and tank tops, here I come! Maybe even a bathing suit without the huge cover up dress.


  • Hi Zavi,

    Yep, I am still going.  Down 24 pounds and definitely put on some muscle.  I have not been perfect but still pretty good overall.  I would have dropped a lot more weight if I didn't gain 5 pounds on my Disney vacation that was during week 6 of the program.   Going to be doing the 10 mile Broad Street Run in Philly in a few weeks.  I never thought I would be able to do that three months ago.  

    Thanks, hope everyone else has been doing well.

  • HI EVERYONE!!!!!!

    I hope most of you are still going strong and finishing up week 12 of your challenge!!!

    This is week 12 for me..I am proud to say I DID IT!!!!!!  I have 2 more workouts to complete (piece of cake, right?).  I never cheated, missed a meal, substituted or missed a workout.  I was fully, totally and 100% dedicated to making myself FEEL better before I even really care what I look like (thats the next challenge for sure).

    1 week of active active rest for me, then right into Challenge 2 (so I may be behind a week from others but IDC...keep me in the loop because we are going all the way)

    SInce I didnt weigh myself or take any measurements at all, I have no real measure of my success except for the mirror and my clothes.  I dropped 3 pant sizes and 2 shirt sizes.  I do have a ways to go but I couldnt feel any better then right now.  I have become a weight lifting fiend (men at the gym are impressed with my leg press weight..makes me feel really accomplished..I'm a girl btw hahaha) I know I am stronger and getting leaner!!

    This is a do-able program that I know will give me fantastic results.  I hope to keep in touch with whoever is out here still.  If you havent done well or couldnt make it through the first challenge, come join me for a new beginning on APRIL 23rd.

    KEEP ON KEEPIN ON  :) :) :)


  • Hi everyone!

    W1 of C2 and going well for me right now. I am happy to see there are a few of us left doing the program. Good job!

    Nancy, we all have bad weeks, mine happen to be the last 2 weeks of my challenge but that's ok! I look forward to sharing with each other along the way.

    Jumpin1C4- I too gained weight on my trip. I planned on that happening and have since lost the extra pounds.

    Jodig89- Congrats on finishing your first challenge! welcome to the C2 club! I just started my C2 this week!

    I just started another thread call C2 & above (or something like that) It might be easier to communicate there.

    Keep up the great work!