Starting on Monday January 16th!

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    Whatever you can do or dream, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it! -Goethe-

    Discipline is remembering what you want :-)

  • Getting close to the official end of this challenge. Hard to believe. I remember starting out and feeling like April was forever away. Is there such thing as a cheat week?! :) That was week 10 for me. Leading into a trip and then being on the trip. Yikes. Oh well, it was damn fun. So def not done with this body changing challenge when 12 weeks rolls around. But I am ok with that. Thankful for the results I have seen and still excited for the ones to come. Gotta review my workout info and make sure I push myself harder - I think I was slow on increasing weights for sure. Food-wise, probably just need to reel in some of my "little" indiscretions here and there. Bummer. Overall, still happy about everything and glad for the experience getting on board with clean eating and getting excited about cooking again. Hope everyone else is still in the game even through all the challenges we've faced! :) We are still better off than those people who are still thinking about making a change. Go us!

  • Hiya. I'm still here, been reading the updates over the last few weeks, but havent had chance to get on. Last 6 days to go & I'm going to make it count! I know the areas that I could have done better & it wasn't the workouts, or the meals, but the wine. I know that the only way I'll loose the last bit of fat is to cut that right down. My plan after this week is to continue the diet, but change my exercise for a few weeks, mix it up a bit & have maybe do some fun classes. I'm still going to workout most days though, now its become habit, I dont want to loose that. I go on holiday in 9 wks, so I plan to cut right down on the wine & drop that last few lbs. Overall, I'm pleased with the results, but would like to have seen more of a change. (I know that is my own fault)

    I've learnt a heck of a lot over the last 11 wks & I'm definately pleased I've taken part in the challenge. The new challenge for me will be to keep it up & if I ever feel I'm slipping again, I'll get right back on to a new 12 wk BFL challange.

    Looking forward to seeing the updates on here over the next week or 2 to see how strong everyone finishes & who manages to finish the challenge. Glad to be in the last 10%!

    (I might even share my photos)

    See you on the other side...

  • Hi, everyone.

    Starting Monday, it's on!!  This last week of this challenge will be a prelude into the next challenge.  I liked it better when it was harder, when I forced myself to do a workout even though I didn't want to.  That was hard, but ultimately more satisfying than not doing it.  I think I got too comfortable and allowed too many indulgences, like margaritas, nice wine.  I maintained, but didn't make the changes I wanted to make.  The next twelve weeks, starting Monday, are going to be different.  Anyone else planning on another twelve weeks?

  • I'm in!  I plan to be here at least until September 30 - that's 2 more challenges worth.

    I am still dealing with the lower back/SI stuff, but was finally able to get out on the bike on Tuesday and I felt good - can't tell you what a relief that was :-)  

    Still have lots of adrenaline going --now that I have come out publicly with my Ironman $100/mile goal, I can't afford to skip workouts or eat a lot of crap.  Hoping to get some media attention next month prior to an event I'm doing - nothing like the prospect of seeing yourself on TV to stop you from stuffing your face!

    Would love to see people's pics - I always find it so inspiring! h

    Whatever you can do or dream, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it! -Goethe-

    Discipline is remembering what you want :-)

  • Hey monscal and helcat and all the others that have made it this far, it's cheatday!

    Haven't been around here much at all over the last month but have been keeping it as real as I could... considering.

    My father was diagnosed with lung and liver cancer a month ago and I've been helping him at home, and now in the hospice, it's been a rough ride. He is doing well but the cancer is slowly taking over, don't know when I'm going to lose him, so I'm spending as much time as I can with him right now.

    I have at least tried to maintain the minimum of the BFL eating and cardio, I do weights once or twice a week if I'm lucky, but I'm not going bash myself for it or quit. I'm running in Vancouver's Sun Run April 15th, as that was my 3rd challenge goal, so that has helped to keep me focused on something tangible. I'm going to continue on with monscal and anyone else who wants to go on to another 12 weeks of BFL support right after this one. My over all goal was to do the body for life program for one year straight and this next one will be my final... as if eh?

    Well, I just thought all my BFL peeps would be wondering where cheatday had slipped off to, I'm still out here, just struggling through some of life's major issues, and holding steady at 80lbs lost so far.

    I'll check in again at the end of this challenge

    keep it strong... I just keep reminding myself that I'm not there yet, and have come too far to stop now.


  • Hola, Cheatday and Helcat!

    So good to hear from both of you.

    Helen - Great!  Looking forward to the next challenge.  I'm calling this past one an "experiment."  Even though I wasn't as strict with this one as I was with the first two, I maintained, which is huge.  I should have done more workouts, but lazy is all I can say about that.  Food isn't a problem.  I eat well and care about what goes in my body, unless it's a margarita!!

    Cheatday - I thought maybe something presented itself that had you distracted.  So sorry to hear about your dad.  Do you know about Essiac?  The lady who found Essiac is from our area, so it's huge around here.  Rene Caisse had an aunt who was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Rene went looking for a cure and found one with our resourceful native Indians and called the concoction Essiac (Caisse spelled backwards).  It's four ingredients called a "tea."  When my kitty was dying from a massive tumour in his belly, we gave him Essiac.  That was over five years ago.  My sister and I make it from the original recipe Rene Caisse followed.  It's tedious work, but my sister is retired and has time to do stuff like that.  When I have time, I join her and we have a "tea" party.  If we can get the ingredients here, you can probably get them in your neck of our beautiful country.  Privately, I can tell you about my own success with it.  For lung cancer, your dad can drink it, apply it to his chest, breath in the steam.  For liver cancer, he can drink it.  It is amazing stuff.  It's all over the internet, being sold by unscrupulous people looking to take advantage of desperate people.  There are also testimonials out there, people who have had success with it.  If you want to know more, I can tell you what the ingredients are and send you the recipe.  The state your dad is in might be a factor.  Sometimes there's no turning back the wrath of illness.  If you thinks it's not too late, I would be happy to help.

    Let's think of a great name for our next group.  Monday will be here before we know it.

  • I'm on board for round two. Funny, people at work looked at my clean eating lunch plate today like I was crazy - isn't your 12 weeks about over? You are still doing that? Uhm, yes. Like I read somewhere during this 12 weeks it's called Body for Life not Body for 12 weeks! I like the idea of an experiment. I hope to change up some of my workouts a little - try some classes, get back to yoga, etc. I am still pumped about the results of this challenge and can't wait to see the additional changes in store.

    cheatday - that's one helluva life speed bump you are dealing with. I am very happy you live close to your dad so you can be with him. I lost my dad to cancer almost two years ago was a crazy year so I applaud you for staying on track as you can. Actually, it's probably quite centering while every thing else feels so uncontrollable. I will be thinking and praying for you and your dad for sure.

    monscal - that tea sounds very interesting. Thankfully I don't know anyone that is in need right now, but would love to learn more about it. If you send cheatday any info can you include me as well? Thanks.

    Helcat - the Ironman is an amazing challenge. That's a total bucket list accomplishment - too cool.

    A new group name is in order - great idea. Will put my thinking cap on :)

  • Cheatday - I'm sorry about your father.  Not an easy thing to go through.  Hospice is a wonderful support.  

    I have been absent in my posts the past 3 weeks.  I put my back out, had some crazy anxiety, and.....  but I am still here but definitely not finishing up like I hoped I would.  Lets just say I'm "limping across the finish line."  I am certainly planning on and ready for challenge 2 beginning April 9th!  I have been really impressed with the rest of you and your dedication to this commitment through some challenging obstacles.  I would like to hear about your specific goals and the plans for acheiving them through this upcoming challenge.

    I think it would help a lot if we could post more.  I need those daily reminders that I'm not the only one struggling or acheiving something big for myself.

    I hope everyone enjoys the weekend and I look forward to beginning again with you all in 3 more days!

  • Hi, everyone left in this group.

    It's Monday, 09 April and I'm off to a good start with UBWO completed.  If anyone checks back here, how about we start a new thread called "Back 4 More."  Hope to see you there.

  • I'm in for round 2. Sadly, I missed yesterday's workout - awful dentist appt and had to sleep off the novacaine and was crazy late to work. Oh well. Diet is still my consistent factor so that keeps me positive. Ready for cardio today though :)

    Back 4 More - sounds perfecto! How do I search for the new thread?

  • Hi, srbrown.

    You should see "Back 4 More" in the "All Recent" tab in the forum.  If it's not on the first page, check the other pages.  Hope to see Helcat and Cheatday there, too.