Starting on Monday January 16th!

  • I just graduated from my university and I've been gaining so much weight over the past years under all of my stress.  Now I have a wedding approaching on July 14th 2012, and I don't want to be a fat groom.  I need this to work for me, desperately.  My biggest reward would be to get my life back, because I feel as though it slipped out of my control at some point.  Any support from this community would be great, I think I'm going to need it, thank you in advance.


  • Hi Joe! I am Trudi. I will be starting technically on the 15th. I am going to do a long run tomorrow and then start the upper body workout (UBWO) on Sunday so we will be a day apart. I did the challenge 10 years ago with amazing results so I started the day after Thanksgiving last year and lasted just a little over 2 weeks until I got REALLY busy with work. This program does work so even after just a week or two, you will feel a lot more discipline and energy. I would really recommend taking pictures of yourself so you can first of all, get motivated and secondly, see your progress before and after.


  • Hey Trudi -

    I'm starting on the 16th!  I need to make sure my cabinets and fridge are ready.  Good luck.  I'd love to hear about your runs.  My goal is to work towards a 1/2 marathon by November.  Any words of wisdom?

  • I'm going to be hitting it hard this day, too.  Looking forward to it.  

  • Thank you Trudi, I'm excited about this challenge, and having a community like this is priceless.  Good luck with your first day of your challenge and thank you for the encouragement, I will take those pics soon and I'm going to write out my goals, reasons and patterns tonight.


  • I am starting Monday the 16th also. We can do this!!!


  • Good on you Joe, all the best, you have some pretty strong reasons to commit and be successful to the program!!!


  • I will b starting on Monday the 16th also. Hopefully we can all find some support from one another, by just sharing a common goal to better ourselves!!!

  • I am starting on Monday as well.  Did the challenge a few years back with great results.  Hope we can all keep in touch throughout the 12 weeks.


  • I am starting the challenge tomorrow. I have 4 young kids and hope to finally take the time to take care of myself ! I also would love to run a 5k by the summer.

  • Hello all.  IT IS MY TIME, IT IS OUR TIME.  I am so excited and nervous at the same time.  I will start the upper body tomorrow.  Let's go!

  • Hey Joe and everybody, I'm at the end of my second challenge today and want to jump right back into another... I'd like to be a part of your team.

    I picked the name "cheatday" because I pretty much linked about 8 years into one long and tasty cheat day ;-)

    The BFL program has really helped me keep focused on my wish to be fit and healthy again, I'll pass on anything I've discovered that helped keep me on track.


  • I hope everybody gets a good nites sleep. Big things startin tomorrow!!

  • I'm excited and feeling ready for this!  I think this forum will be a big help and support!  Good luck tomorrow.

  • Let's make it a goal!  I also have planning to run a 5k this summer.  I want to be ready by 7/4/12 for the Hannibal Cannibal.  Keep me posted on your progress.