i ate the cake...

  • So, I was trying to be wifely and bake a nice cake for my hubby to take to work with him but it never made it into the truck yesterday...it all went down hill fast from there. "Just one little bite" i said to myself, "It wont hurt anything, besides Ive been working hard the past few weeks and didn't over do my free day, so it will be ok to have one little bite." Oh my gosh I was so wrong. That one little bite turned into a third of the cake!!!!! So now I am feeling guilty and ashamed. I can NOT trust myself with food. I was doing so well and then I blew it...out of the water!!!! I don't plan to quit...it is not my nature. I am going to keep going full steam ahead! Cant wait for tomorrows LBWO!! Its going to be great!

    Anyway, I just wanted to stay accountable, since that helps me to be successful, and get the whole feeling like a guilty failure off my chest. Thanks for "listening". Stay focused on the goal!!

  • Drink TONS of water. Flush that junk out of your system. Don't do it again. Don't feel sorry for yourself. Don't get mad. GET BACK IN THE GAME. Review your goals. Stand tall and be proud of the 99% of the time that you have been good to yourself. Don't do that to your body again. Your body needs PROPER fuel to maintain this type of workout program. Treat it well and it will give you a treat back. :-)

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Next time, before you take the first bite of something like that when it's not free day...ask yourself two questions...

    1)  Will eating this make me feel better about myself or worse?

    2)  Will eating this bring me any closer to the goals I have set for myself?

    Keep moving forward, this is a process and you are learning as you go.  

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Best advice I can give from experience is to get back on track NOW. All the best!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Save it for the free day.

    My wife and step daughter ordered in pizza, last night.

    I thought I could just take one bite - three pie pieces later ...

    Uh, ya.

    So, my new policy is - not even a bite, until my free day.

    I didn't gain any weight as a result - but I didn't lose any either.

    Got to keep the momentum going strong or it will just slow down.

    No thanks!


    Move forward.

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Something similar happened to me yesterday. My hubby and I took our daughter to the fair. I can't go to this weekend, due to all day classes fri- sunday. I thought I would be strong and ate a meal before we went and even packed along a protein drink. My daughter and hubby were hungry, so of course we stopped at a vendor- there were NO healthy ones- indian fry bread and the rest of the works. We ordered pizza, and what I told myself would be "just one bite" turned into a big fat piece, plus the crust of 2 pizzas that my daughter didn't eat. I felt.... bad.

    So. Yeah. I figure I will skimp on this upcoming free day and maybe just have a light  free dinner. Thats it.

    Good to know I'm not in this alone!! Neither are you!!

    Keep goin!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Champster said:

    1)  Will eating this make me feel better about myself or worse?

    2)  Will eating this bring me any closer to the goals I have set for myself?


    I couldn't agree more with this, so I quoted it for emphasis.

  • In the beginning I struggled with the "just one bite" thinking.  Then it would turn into just one more.  Then I'd say screw it...today will be my free day and have some more.   There is always food in this office and it was so hard to pass up.   Well a friend of mine who had been thru the challenge help me change my thinking.  She told me to take a piece (cake, dounut, etc) and set it aside and after working for it all week then you EARNED it.  Well it didn't take long before after working for it all week I didn't want to hinder my progress by eating junk.  I'd opt for something healthier but a little out of the plan.  Or a little bit more of something than I would normally eat.  But I had no desire for the JUNK!  Now I can walk right past it and not even think about twice about it.  

  • Don't bake cakes!!!!!!  If you want to do something nice for your husband make him lunch and write a love not on a napkin for him.  It's super sweet and it doesn't involve junk food.  

    Good job on not quiting!  You are human and it's okay to have a treat everyonce in a while.  Get back on track and sweat it out!  

    Just think how happy your husband will be when his wife is a sexy hard body!!!