Anybody Starting January 9th? 2nd challenge from the October 17th group

  • Here is our new thread! Glad to have you all aboard again. Even if you are not from the first challenge, anyone is welcome to join our group for encouragement and support!

    Most of us will be starting January 9th, but we are going to leave a 3 week buffer, for those who need to start up to a few weeks later and still remain in our group. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at

    Let's get shredded!

  • I'm here again!  Started challenge 2 this morning!

  • Hi there! New to the Challenge and starting today - 01-09-12! :)

  • Mind if I join in?

  • I'm new here!! Just started today!!! Also doing the 911fitness challenge at the same time!!!


  • Welcome to our new challenge kd1977, bvolpe22 and GlutenFreeGirl917, so happy to have you with us and I wish you an amazing first workout and an awesome 12 week journey!

    Good to see you back again Bahamasbound! How was your first workout??? I'm on my way to the gym right now.

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Hello everyone, thanks for starting this again Jason! Bring on round 2, worked hard on upper body today and ate clean. Body fat analysis booked for Jan 31. Welcome new comers!

  • This is my first time and I started today, Id love to join yall!! Need all the support I can get :) I couldn't do a real workout today as I have pnemona..tomorrow will be my third day on meds and im already feeling better so im hopeful for tomorrows workout!!

  • I'd love to join in!  Today was my first day- a great day!

    I had a terrific workout, and felt so good lifting weight after almost 2 years with no weight training at all.  I loved it!  

    Anyone want to share their goals?


  • Well, I started Jan 06, 2012, is it ok to join this group? I know that the 6th is kind of an off day but it was a day that worked best for us. Why wait? Jen  

  • Great first day yesterday, got in a good run, and managed to eat clean as well!  Today I will do an upper body workout.  I'm using a bowflex (with doubled up bars, so a truck load of resistance options).  Gotta love craigslist!

  • Day 2 and I had a great HIIT cardio this morning!! Feeling sooo excited about this. I actually like the meal plan...that NEVER happens on anything else I have tried. I ate clean yesterday and loved it!! Hope I still feel this enthusiastic in a week from I am determined to look amazing for my float ride in a parade in march. ( I live in New Orleans) I am using my BFL success journel and I can tell its really gonna help me! Hope everyone else is having a great day!!!

  • I'm here, guys! (10/17 challengers)  I am ready for challenge #2.  I'm taking a bit of a break, though.  Eating clean, but only doing 3 workouts this week.  2 cardio, 1 weights.  My body is telling me I need it.  

    Will post before/after photos (OMG), maybe tomorrow.  (Probably on the old thread)

    I'm considering doing the "real" challenge 2/13, too - anyone else?  i mean, I know I could use the extra $5K!

    Have a good week, and welcome to all the newbies!

    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • Hi everyone!  I'm here!

    Going to start on the 23rd.

    I finish on the 13th... and going to hawaii until the 22nd!


  • `Hi All

    I have also started the  on the 9th.  Good luck

    All the way from Cape Town South Africa

    Tks for the thread