9 January 2012

  • Aloha body for lifers

    I'm a 38 year old grandfather about to transform mentally and physically. I live in a small town here on the big island. I'm going to do my best with finishing what I start. Especially for myself. I'm putting this out publicly because now I need to be accountable not only privately but now publicly. I hope anyone reading understands where I'm coming from. Thank you for your support and talk to you all soon!! 


  • Welcome! And good for you! Work hard and you'll see great results!

  • Congratulations you have taken the 1st step!  Set goals and Aim High.  You are stronger than you think! The Body for life program really does change lives.

  • Second day and cardio is a killer! My job is looking for ordnance in the lava fields. I've hiked miles and miles through loose terrain and vegetation. I've elevated my heartbeat on occasion and worked my legs and lungs. However, comparing a 10 hour workday to quality 20 minutes!! No comparison!! This run, ahem, if considered a run, more like a slump ish jog got me beat. This is great. I have signs of a cold but I'm not stopping. Resting now at 4:20 am. Finished run at 4. Showering then preparing breakfast n lunch for today then off to work. Have a great day all!