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  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Nora and I am 55 year old mother of three. Only one 13 year old boy left at home. I live in Raleigh, NC.  I have never really been extremely overweight, but I am definitely out of shape and could lose 20 pounds. For the pass 3 years or so I have been very unmotivated. I guess around the time that menopause kicked in. In the last year my cholesterol has been a bit on the high  side as well as my blood pressure. I look very young for my age so I guess I've taken that for granted and my body is telling me that if I don't shape up it won't matter how young I look, my body knows how old I really amLOL

    I kind of started BFL yesterday. I say "kind of" because I just got on the website on Monday night. So yesterday I went for a short run (1/2 a mile and I was dying) I did eat the right things yesterday, and today I did some weights. I bought the book today and even got the journal that they sell for it. I even bought a bikini and my son took my pictures for the challenge, although he was not very happy to do and said that I had scarred him  for life LOL, but my husband is out of town so he didn't have a choice. I plan to officially start tomorrow and that will put me at the end of my 12th week on my birthday, July 14th. So I plan on being a new woman at 56! 

    I bought an exercise ball, a jump rope, and some stretch bands. I already have 1, 3 and 4 lb. weights. In the book I didn't find what size weights to have and today I just held all three together when I needed to increase the weight. Do you have any suggestions. I've had tendonitis in the past in both my elbow and my shoulder, so I;m afraid to use too much weight for my upper body.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

    I look forward chatting with everyone and any imput would be greatly appreciated.




  • Welcome, Nora! You made a great decision in buying the book - that will give you many of the answers to the questions you're asking here. I use the Journal, as well - it has been a great help in keeping me on track!

    Your weights will depend upon your present strength levels. Read through BFL and let us know how you're doing! It's great to have you with us!



    "The limits you are living with right now, in every aspect of your existence, have been created by your mind. They are perceptions. And they are holding you back. You are capable of far more than you think you are." -Bill Phillips

  • Congratulations Nora and taking the steps to a healther you!  You should be fine with the weight starting out.  Your first week or two will be sort of a learning experience so do the best you can and ask any questions you have along the way.  That's what we are all here for...to support one another. :-)

    If you need ideas for workouts including at home or bodyweight, here is a good site:


    Here is a link to a thread on this site for things to consider:


    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • HI Sharon,

    I just saw this reply section. For some reason I didn't see it the first time. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for your words of encouragement and the websites you suggested. By the way I looked at your profile and you look great! You should be very proud of yourself for what you accomplished. My daughter's best friend who is 19 probably looks like you did in the beginning. I called her last night and told her to go on the website and told her about the program. She is such a beautiful girl and not only externally and I would love to see her transform herself. She has never even been on a date. I will make sure to show her your photos.


  • Hi Kimmie,

    I am already half way through the book and I have been writing in my journal. So far I have managed to eat right and I've already lost 3 lbs. I can't believe that I lost it that quick. How do people figure out that they lost a certain amount of fat and gained a specific amount of muscle? I've seen that in alot of the pictures.


  • Hi Nora! Glad you found the reply box...ya this site can be confusing, but if you learn how to get around it, it offers SO much!!  Sounds like you are on the right track; your wt. loss is mostly water wt, but don't get discouraged about that, trust me if you work the BFL plan, the fat loss wt. will come.

    Have you taken measurements? I weigh and measure every 4 weeks so I see bigger losses...I'm not sure how you find lean wt. and body fat...I have one of the handheld bodyfat counter things; I'm sure there's some kind of formula, but I'm not good with numbers!

    I wish you much success! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Nora- Please, for my sake, please please please, go to the store and buy bigger weights. I used to bunch up my weights and hold two or three at a time because I didn't have anything bigger than a 5... and then one night I was lifting a dumb bell "cluster" above my head and one slipped out and nearly knocked me out.

    ITS NOT SAFE!!!!

    I'd hate to think this could happen to someone else without my warning them.

    Weights can be expensive- but I highly recommend getting heavier ones as opposed to holding multiple at the same time!

    Best of luck!

    We are here for you and rooting you on!!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Hi Stacy,

    I actually had thought of that because one time I almost dropped one, so thanks for the warning. I will buy a few others. Also, I don't  have one of those exercise benches so I used my ottoman and I think that is why my lower back was so bad yesterday. Today I took an Alleve and did not do the weights. Do you think that is why I hurt my back?

    thanks for your imput,


  • Hi Deb,

    I haven't quite figured out why the reply box is there sometimes and not others. I think if I click on the link from the email I don't get it, but I ended up having to sign in again for some reason.

    Glad you mentioned the measurements because I had forgotten to do that. Also, I am a scale addict and weigh myself every morning. I'm going to have to put the scale somewhere where i have to go find it. I will do my measurements today!