Just Starting...are you?

  • Brecode-Lucky husband! My husband has the same build, he also eats whatever he wants and doesn't gain a pound. We joke around that he has a tape worm and that is why he is so skinny lol.  I just look at the junk food and I gain weight. I've had a few friends do the HCG diet and it just doesn't seem right.  I am glad to hear that your feeling good about BFL, keep up the good work.

  • Starting on Monday the 16th!  I want to make sure and have the meals ready for the next week.

    Good luck!


  • I started on 1/09....I am a stay at home mom of 3....I have a question for anyone who started this week.....TMI...Has anyone had to deal with (gas) because if the high protein? I lost a pound but that's it for the first week....I am sore but not extremely!

  • Good luck with your start tomorrow Karen!!!

    Mfam- one pound is great- a step toward your goal!

    Hope everyone has a great week 2.  Is there a facebook page for bfl'ers???


  • I remember having the gas problem when i did the challenge about 10 years ago.... Im thinking mine came from the protein bars i was eating cause I don't have the issue now and i'm doing the shakes and no bars at this time... But I know others had the same problem and we were recommended to use gas x or something.... hope that helps. Week 3 started for me today... Good luck to everyone and have a great week.

  • Bev -

    I started on the 16th.  Glad to have you as part of the group!  I work out at home also.  Sounds like you've got everything you need.  I do have an exercise ball that I use but definitely not necessary.  I use my treadmill when it is really cold outside but that also I could do without.  

    Hopefully your week has gone well!   I have felt very successful with my eating and exercising this week.  I figured I'd start to have some pretty big cravings by Wednesday but I really didn't.  

    This is a great forum and I think it will make all the difference for me to stay motivated and strong.



  • Hope your week has gone well!  I have felt really great so far.  No struggles.  This forum really helps!


  • Hello Spunkygal10

    I just started yesterday Jan 19, 2012.  What we have in common is that I tried several times the challenge either enrolled or my own personal challenge, but I never finished them.  The longest was 4 weeks and I got sooooooo discourage because I did not see any difference at all. I look the same and I believe that I actually gain more 4 or 5 pounds during those 4 weeks.  This time I have read a little more and find out that we no suppose to see any changes up until the 8th week!!!!!! wow, I was half way of my 8 weeks to see something..... Anyways, You started 10 days ago, how's it going?  Don't you think that it is too much food?  since we don't suppose to count calories, but I feel that I am eating more that I actually used to 2 days ago.  Hope we can talk to each other to se how we are doing.... good luck.  I'll try to post every week.... cheers!