Just Starting...are you?

  • Anyone just starting Body for Life in the new year (2012)?  I'd love to bounce ideas off each other!


  • Just started yesterday!  

  • Hi

    I would love to join this group, Im starting on the 14th. I started my own business 6 years ago and work from home and believe it or not I've found it harder to follow a regular eating programme than when I was working full time, so now Ive got about 50lbs to lose.

    I dont belong to a gym so Im going to be working out at home, Ive got some free weights and stretch bands I can use but does anyone think I should get any other equipment?

    I would love to have the support and if i can encourage anyone along the way I will do my best!

    Cant wait to get started!!!

    Regards Bev

  • Starting tomorrow 1/9.  We are in a biggest loser challenge witty some friends over the next 12 weeks.  Would love to have a good online support system.

  • Good luck Bev!  I am starting out on Monday.  I have been a stay-at-home mom for the past few years and it is tough keeping up with a good exercise routine.  We can help support each other!!!

  • I think it's SO helpful to have that support!  I know I need it too- and really benefit from it!!!

    I lost 40 pounds a few years ago and they somehow found me again- and I have some work to do to get the body I know I can have.  I would love to be part of your support system!  The more ideas...the better! :)

    You'll do great!!!

  • Hi Bev!!!  I'm going to try to do some of my cardio at home due to time away from kids, and working full time.  If I'm home I can at least supervise the kids...  I did sign up at a gym yesterday- and I have that available to me! :)

    Do you have a bench?  I do think it's really helpful.  Music too- make sure you have some music that moves you! :)

    Keep in touch and have FUN!

  • Happy first week of BFL!!!  Wait till you see yourself in the mirror in 12 weeks! :)

  • I started last week and would love to join the group! I am also working out from home, I have a barbell and free weights that I've been working with. 


  • just starting!

  • Well let's keep in touch so we can bounce ideas off each other!  For now- do any of you want to share your first day workout plan?  I'm really not sure what I can do since I haven't weight trained in so long...

  • Hi ..starting today :)  have done BFL several times never completed 12 weeks :(

    will do it this time ! GOOD LUCK !

      spunkygal 2012   

  • I just started today! I just taped my before pics in my "BFL journal" and am seriously disgusted. Seriously. I did BFL 6 years ago to lose baby weight and had great success. In the last 6 years I continued being active and working out, but also I've also become a pescatarian and eat WAY TOO MANY carbs. So here I am, 15 pounds heavier...

    Michelle- I did UB today, at home, which limits the options. I do belong to a gym but can't get there this week, so I planned all of my workouts at home. This is what I did today:

    Chest: Dumbbell Bench Press x2

    Shoulders: Dumbbell Press, Side Raises

    Back: 1 Arm Dumbbell Rows x2

    Tri's: Seated Dumbbell Curls, Hammer Curls

    Bi's: Dumbbell Extensions, Dips

    I used 5, 10, and 12 pound weights (that's all I have) and mixed them up as needed per exercise.

    I'm excited to stay in touch and see how everyone is doing!


  • I'm in the same position - lost 50 lbs. over a year ago, and while I haven't regained all of it, most of it has come back.  I have the Body-for-Life for Women book and read the whole book - just starting on the plan today.  Definitely could use the on-line support, so I'm happy to find some other Newbies!

  • Starting my 2nd week today. I went through the first week with a personal trainer (he is the one who started me on the program). There is something to be said for a trainer who sets you up for the future instead of someone that wants you under their constant watch. Wish everyone luck!

    I'd be glad to help keep people motivated!