Week 1 - Following the workout exactly?

  • I am curious if all of you are following the workout plan as shown in the Body for Life book/online template?  I am tempted to add more exercises as it may produce better results.  45 minutes in the gym doesn't seem like long enough for the end result I would like to acheive, and the 20 minute cardio...well, its only 20 minutes!  What are your thoughts?

  • I am doing weights exactly like the plan but am thinking about doing more than 20 min cardio that just doesn't seem long enough.

  • If you are pushing yourself hard enough in your  workouts and following the plan exactly as prescribed you will see results.  If you feel like you have more to give at the end of your cardio you didn't hit your 10.  You will burn more calories going all out in 20 mins than 40 mins at a slow/moderate pace.  I did do an extra 3-5 minute  warm-up before starting any workout and would then stretch to make sure my muscles were was ready to go.  Good Luck!