• My partner and I started to look at this last year and did some of the exercises and tried the 5-6 meals per day and although we didn't stick to it wholeheartedly, I lost 8kgs/18lbs and dropped a dress size in 8 weeks and he lost 7kgs/15lbs and is close to his goal weight, but now needs to lose fat and gain muscle. I think due to going from no exercise to a lot of exercise and managing meal portions helped make this happen. My doctor was impressed with not only my weight loss but my blood pressure was excellent (I take medication for it and it is normally a bit higher than it should be). I also previously struggled to get up off the floor or bend down to pick something up and now it is not an issue at all for me thanks to the weight training.

    Xmas came so I sort of took a break but am now very motivated to continue on and actually follow the plan through 100% from start to finish. I like the discipline and routine and have realised that this is what I need to feel and look better. I am very excited about tomorrow. I live in New Zealand so might be a day ahead of some of you due to the time difference. I look forward to seeing all your posts.

  • Well, I got one week almost done and I am so sore but I stuck with it.  I'm hoping next week will be better.

  • good for you Mable...keep up the good work :)

      spunkygal 2012   

  • Ok I"m everyone still on board for today?  It's time to get the party started.